Waves Guitar Solo FREE


Free for a year.

Cool. You tried it yet?

I was just thinking of you guys!

I might download but to be honest I probably couldn’t tell the difference in sound from one amp to the next…and distortion is just…distortion to me…

A guy I know was raving about it that’s all so I assumed it was a nice piece of kit.

This was reported on another forum. It’s a cool offer for sure. The bad part is about three quarters of the guys said they prefer cheap/free VST plugs sounds over the Waves “freebie”. Frettsynths FreeAMP 3 is a prime example. Really cool sounds in that plug… Truly free… forever.



It would be hard to beat FreeAmp for me - each pedal being tweakable and all. Plus I have all the line6 sound a guy could ever need at the push of a button also tweaksable, then I can always plug in my crate and mic it - might take a look at it though.

I totally ahte to say it…but Free Amp 3 is in fact a cool thing…oh god my amps are going to kill me…

Hey thanks for finding that Craig and goin out of your way to post it. Wish I had time to mess with it now but I will in a few days. C y’all in a few.

I registered at the Waves site and downloaded Solo before I realized you need one of those ILok thingamabobs to use the software. :disagree:

Kev, I read that upon installation, if you cancel the iLok driver install, the plug will install and run anyway. I’m not interested in it enough to try it myself so… tread carefully. I don’t care for the iLok and PACE dongle crapola either.