We got our Elk!

Jerky jerky jerky!

Been makin’ jerky for two days now.

My boy Daniel with “Elsie”…

Jerky!?!? Jerky!?!?!? Screw that! Ship me some steaks bro!!!

We were visiting my son at college a while back. We went to a nice restaurant and I ordered the wild game platter… elk steak… mmmm… elk steak… mmmm…


I can do that. :agree:

Who bagged it Poppa?

I’ll take both fillets whole please! :)

my boy Dan’l his first. Nice cow.

Know what she dressed?

Nice un for a first for sure!

Not yet - I got enough to make jerky for myself - he picks it up Friday at the plant.
Just a wild guess I’d say a moo-moo. :whistle:

lovin’ venison jerky.
haven’t had it in years, though (those opportunities are rare when you grow up in a grateful dead-following hippie family.
nothin’ against those things, though).

What did she dress?

A moo-moo!

Holy Moly! :laugh:

dress + elk + cow = moo moo
I’m just wired weird. :agree:


Know what she dressed?

291 pounds.