Weak Input from USB Device into nTrack

Greetings. Using nTrack 8 with Behringer UMC404HD into Win10 laptop. Asio Input and Output for UMC are selected in Settings > Audio Devices

Each channel on the USB device is set to record at the highest volume setting without triggering the clip (red light).

However, I’m getting very weak input from each channel. Can’t get anything above -31 DB in the input monitor VU meter

See attached PIC with a very minimal audio wave.
Can’t add Pic! Why not?

What am I doing wrong?

Wow, I have the same hardware, pc and drivers setup but no issues. The Behringer unit has a few buttons to toggle between Instrument and Line level signals, in addition to a Pad button. I’m sure you’ve tried playing with those? Maybe a faulty cable between your sound source and the interface? What is your sound source (mic, output from an amp, instrument, etc)?