Web based DAW

Darn! Are you going to try it? Musicians are intelligent? :laugh: Slick promo

Nope - I like working at my own pace. I will if someone wants to work that way though. The connection speed etc may be too big a can of worms to handle. Our town is going to all fiber optic soon though and I’m thinking of getting the higher speed for home. Depending on Qwest or a cable company to stay connected for a session is just too ‘iffy’ for me - I was just throwing this out for comment.

The good news is Sun is behind it with Java development.

Yea it’s interesting. I noticed the cake walk like interface. I still perfer nTracks interface over all the others I’ve tried, besides the online hassles you mention. But with each new system or program comes new ideas for example; what I like about eSession is the book’keeping part of it. The payment processing with eSession acting as a monitor to insure fair play and fair pay. That is nice!
And then I’ve been waiting 10 yrs for syncing online jams.

There are a few of these poppin’ up now. I’ve lost the link to the one I was interested in but it started to look like an alternative to net transfer with n-T.
We gave it a miss due to the cost of a decent package and we’re now getting along just fine swapping files between n-T and cubase :laugh:

All’s well that ends well!
Real time jams are happening for some Tony. I’ll be happy to see it happenin for me and think it probably will before the yr is over.
Or next yr :laugh:
The one thing that could give programs/systems like that value is the bookkeeping part of it if your selling your services.
If they have that.
Like eSession, they moderate the entire transaction! The tracks and pay are held in escrow in a sence by eSession untill all parties are satisfied.
I like that, keeps the musician from getting into a money battle, hassell.
Of course for friends or bands that want to hook up that way they won’t care about that.
Just think of the rehearsal expenses a band could save rehearsing via computer! Yeah!
It would also give a lot of musicians a chance to band’up!