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Hi all,
I have started recording a project. Thats going to span some time. And I really want a little page where i can post songs and talk about my progress and so on.But im broke:( so theres got to be something out there for me and ifanyone would know you guys would.
Thanx Litmus

These are qoutes from another forum :

" Hi people,

if you like to share your music with the community or want to participate in our monthly demo recording contest it is of special importance for us that your music is hosted on a reliable server. The good thing is you don’t have to pay a dime for it. If this ain’t great I don’t know.

Just visit http://www.motagator.net and sign up. Registration and administration is very easy to do.

Their service pointed out to be reliable combined with great service several times. So we can only recommend it heartly to you.


"Thanks for the mention Elwood.

By default, when anyone registers with Motagator, links to their new site and tracks appear on the Motagator homepage, as well as in all the listings. If anyone wants to use this site for the demo contests, or for us to listen to ‘work in progress’, let me know after registration and I’ll fix it so you are hidden from the homepage visitors. Then, when you are ready to ‘go public’ with your music, I can switch it back again.


BTW the site belongs to Pasher. He is an active member in this forum as well.


Hi Litmus, Wihan Stemmet, and All:
The music communitity up here is is quite supportive of oneanother… You can go from Message Board/Forum to Message/Board and see the guys posting about their ideas with their musicial creativity… It’s nice to have a place to showcase their creativity and start by posting it somewhere… for others to hear…

My thanks, go to Pasher and Hux and Scott, as well as others, to offer a place to post their musicial interests… so we can share our ideas with similar/like minds…


As said above - you’re very welcome to use Motagator -
20MBytes of space to upload MP3, WMA or OGG files, ‘blog’ type messaging to let us know the hows, whys and wherefores, your own domain name (www.motagator.net/yourbandname) to link to directly, different themed pages, etc etc.
All for free :wink: