Weird lag issue?


I have a problem with n- track. I have a project going on. I overdubbed a tambourine to the track on two different takes. Now when I play the track the tambourine at the beginning of the song plays fine and in tempo with the tracks. However when the playback gets to the next tambourine part at the end of the song the tambourine sounds off synch with the track BUT if I start the playback right before the part where the tambourine starts it is in tempo. I tried removing all unused tracks to see if it was a problem with the computer resourc es however the problem did not change. This also happens when mixing down the project, the tambourine even then sounds off-synch with the track. What is this about and is it fixable?

Can you please check if your using the transpose feature, 2 locations to check, either on the whole track or just a part of a track. Check both parts by right clicking and check the properties. The transpose should read “+/-” meaning there are no values and it’s not being used. I had very similar issues when using the transpose feature. This was fixed in later beta builds of v7. Beyond this you can try right clicking on the part and select “consolidate takes”, do this to both takes so both takes become one take. Let me know how it goes.


Hey thanks. I noticed there already was a topic about this issue and so far I think I have been able to handle it so it is not a problem anymore.

Excellent… (Twiddling my fingers in front of my face) :laugh: