weird little rock tune

whatcha think?

Bug Eyed Girl

Check the mix for me on this one, I
´m on the road and I only have some headphones, ducked into a internet cafe to post this, if you guys say OK I
´m gonna release it, if you want some changes then I do too!

Let me know!

That’s pretty original!
Nice playin and pickin Kev!
Did you play drums on this tune? I would have liked to see you raise the guitar levels during the solos. Is good as is.

Sounds waaaaay cool to me :agree:

GREAT mix from where I am.

Nice fun tune to listen to!- and probably for you to record. :agree:
All that guitar fuzz fits the subject matter quite well.

thanks guys, that helps, it was fun to record, that
´s my friend Bill on the drums, thanks again, I put it on the song of the day promo on the rock charts on Soundclick, just for some fun!

Love the guitars at 1:30! that is a great recording! :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:

Grats on making it a #1 soundclick song, Kev!

congratulations on making No.1 on soundclick charts. :agree:

the solo at the end is a smidge quiet for my ears

other than that everything sounds fine thru my daw monitors :)

Thanks a million guys! It’s been fun :)

A soundclick #1 and for good reason.

Everything sounds so well rounded, well produced. Love the bass and the drums rock, vox are spot on…oozing personality. :agree:

Ange x