Weird thing

mozilla reg issues

I can’t seem to log in using mozilla firefox—no problemo with IE, though…thought I’d pass it on.

Hi Ed,

I use Firefox also. I can log in here, but there are other sites that I can’t. On those I can login if I shutdown zonealarm first. Seems to be a bug in Firefox, since the issue is nonexistent in Internet Explorer.


Ed and Jeff,

I’ve had no problems with Firefox (0.9.3) and ZoneAlarm.

Had the same issue with FireFox - sorted now.

I deleted the n-Track cookies in my cookie list (Tools -> Options - > Privacy), and deleted the passwords that I had stored for the site. (Btw after that, when I clicked 'Remember password for this site it broke again, so I deleted the password remember from FF and now it’s keeping me logged in the whole time)

It created a new cookie and it is working now.