Well, it's not one I wrote, so that's good

A test of the 2 mic drum method

So…I had two hours and wanted to test the 2 mic recorderman drum recording method…not that I can play drums…so I did a version of Wreckless Eric’s Whole Wide World…and even though I have drums that literally came from the garbage bins, the whole thing turned out rather well, all things considered:


Plus this way I can keep JDET down.

Anyway, Eric has had one hell of a career and produced a hell of a lot of good music:


Then again, lots of folks like this song:


y u tryin’ 2 keep da man down, holmes?
i already done did sed that ‘one false step’ wuz the last entrieee fer da contest. sew ah’eem keepin mahself down, layin on da down-low, on mai own accord. biding mah thyme, waitin fer da moment 2 strike. no, wait,

Dude, one false step and the world is over - always keep that in mind, 'kay? :agree:

Love the recording, sounds good to me. Keep up the drummin’ !!

Thanks, Nix! I’m actually enjoying it a great deal! I want to get as good as phoo before I die!

May you live long…


Always a good sign to hear hand claps in a song!!

finally listening to this track. :cool:
like the double-tracked vocals.
see, live drumming is fun, even when battling my staggering level of incompetence.
the vox seemed darkly eq, however. on purpose?