well, it ain't much...

but it’s done

i spend a good amount of time fussing over the high end eq of my songs, getting some sparkle while trying to minimize harshness, and low-bitrate mp3 conversion comes around and makes it sound like it’s being pressed through a fine mesh strainer. oh well.

so, it ain’t much. it’s my homage to poppa and all the great lonesome cowboy songs of years gone by. it’s called ‘snows of cheyenne,’ and as i said it’s pretty rough and basic. it’s here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_music.cfm?bandID=779674

have fun!

Snows of Cheyenne
Copyright 2008

I got here way back when
In the winter of ‘75
The snow covered the ground
As I rode into town
Couldn't tell if I was alive
I shot a man, and I shot some gin
And I knew that I would fit right in
Now my welcome's worn thin

Good-bye, Wyoming, farewell
Laramie's miles done gone
Good-bye to the snows of Cheyenne
I just keep ridin' on

Well, I'm leavin' with snow on the ground
The Dakotas are callin' my name
I've painted this town and shot out the lights
And seen all there is to see
The sheriff, he don't like me none
Caught me with the smokin' gun
Once again I'm on the run

I like the lyric - I’m on the road in Denver - will listen at home tonight.

What a great chorus!, great vocals, great lyrics - Love the mandolin, (it’s a mandolin in there right?) you have a real multi-genre talent goin’on!

if i had a mandolin, that’s where it would be. instead, it’s just another track of the classical guitar, this one played with a pick, capo VII, and played up to the top limit of the range of the instrument. but if i had a mandolin, i’d use that. if i had a fiddle, i’d use that where the oooftah electric guitar is.

Jason - what has happened to you buddy? That’s almost commercial. Well actually it IS commercial in Wyoming.

You never cease to amaze. Ergo, amazing.

Second listen - I play enough fiddle to do this. I’ll dig it out tomorrow. I may need it for Arkysaw anyway.

Harmony is enviable.

i would definitely replace the guitar with a halfway decent fiddle part. that would be cool. the space/chord pattern for the guitar is the same as the break leading to the second verse. the song is in D, but might not be perfectly in tune.

i didn’t know they had commerce in wyoming. been there a few times, didn’t see any.
great thunderstorms, though, that filled the prairie skies. awesome.

thanks for the very kind comments. it was fun and fulfilling to write.

Yer welcome. I can assure you my fiddle playing will match anything not in tune!
(where’s my melodyne demo?)

Wyoming needs to be turned into the wind turbine capital of the world thereby providing enough electricity for the planet. Serious.

I asked a guy in Laramie once, "Does the wind always blow this way?"
He said, "Why No, sometimes it blows that way."

Great tune Jason!

That’s great, Jason. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but I can hear a Neil Young version of this. :agree:

i could too. i know many folks don’t care for Young, but i’m fond of a lot of his stuff.

Thats great Jdet! Commercial…yes!
I thought it was a mandolin too. That TomS has a lot to answer for…

Jeepers, that doesn’t sound anything like a mandolin! ???

I know - what wuz they hearin’? You goobers! They guitar is playing a fiddle part though.

Oh, and until you give up some mandolin tracks - you’re not allowed to mention anything about a mandolin - house rules!
(don’t reckon he thinks I’m serious do ya?)

Jdet…that’s just superb. Great lyrics, wonderful melodically and a killer chorus. If you could’nt sell that, there’s no justice in the world.


…great mandolin part too!!..

Gee, I thought is was a mandore!

Well said Tom. :slight_smile:

mandore? is that like mancrush? ewwwww, pop culture.

Mandore schmandore…

it’s the smaller version here! :)

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Dec. 30 2008, 12:04 PM)

mandore? is that like mancrush?
ewwwww, pop culture.


Pop culture? Orange crush? Captain Crunch? Crunchy the magic dragon?