well, it finaly happened

boom boom

my cheapy beringer eurorack mixer blew up while I was doing some mixing. I mean you should have seen it. It totally caught on fire and melted down and even burned a hole in the rug. some day I guess I’ll have to learn to quit buying cheap garbage gear at Radio Shack and eBay. looks like no more mixes until my tax refund comes.

It actually sounds sort of cool, except for the fact that it totally sucks.

I have a little Behringer 2 ch mixer that I will never use again, which you can have for free. And some other cheapo mixers, actually. How many channels do you need?

Silly Tom,

you know I use the Mackie ONYX! lol

Beringher, that even made me laugh…tee hee

Mods if you don’t mind moving or deleting this trolls thread from the music area that would be great.

keep shinin


Hey, you said you were using a Eurorack!

Oh, I see, you are right, must be Flanderdiddlyjasshughenstein. You want me to delete the original post? Or shall we keep your bete noir around for a while to see what he does?

Huh - his IP is private.