Well they're not all good 2

:laugh: I love you guys :laugh:
Quote: (ange @ May 06 2009, 2:48 PM)

You could not write a song that was " Bland cliched old disjointed tat" if you tried, hell, you could fart out a tune and it'd still smell of roses and sound beautiful!

Ange x

Now go get your sampler and get to work!

Tat? the punk band? tatoos? Is there a British meaning to that term that I am missing?


Tat = old rubbish you would give to the rag and bone man…now there’s an old English term!!!

“rag and bone man” sounds like a great title for a song, album, band, ministry/cabinet level department, or nickname for a surgeon.

Looks like it’s just another Spreader instant classic. Those vocal harmonies just aren’t fair. Not as used to them being used in verses, but you manage to make it work seamlessly.

Once again, can’t mention Spreader songs without mentioning The Beatles- even the artwork associated with the song reminds me of Yellow Submarine- any connection there?

Spreader, are you singing over midi dummy tracks when doing the vocal harmonies, doing something else, or just winging it? Just wondering if you could shed some light on your technique.

Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.

Hey thanks Geoff!! Kind words!

I usually do the whole song as finished before singing lead vox. Then I add harmonies to that so I can match the phrasing better…

Jdet…you guys ever see ‘Steptoe and Son’? Perhaps not, (there’s some good stuff on youtube though…a damned funny scene with the old man having a bath in the sink :) ) but ‘rag and bone’ men were the guys back in the day who went round the streets on a horse and cart shouting ‘any old iron!’ etc…

They would give you some cash for your old tat that they could sell on. I vaguely remember one when I was little in the seventies, but they’ve been replaced now by gangs of men in white pick up vans that come round and steal stuff from your garden… :(

Hi Spreader! I’ve been listening to a bunch of your songs on myspace, groovy smooth!
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Why…thanks Mr. Stringer!

Sound quality is awful on myspace compared to soundclick tho don’t you think?

I don’t know I have the same files uploaded and they sound exactly the same. Do you mean lag time? I see no problem there with quality at either site really.

I agree that songs uploaded to soundclick are better quality than the same ones on myspace. I even nuked my myspace player and stuck a soundclick player widget in its stead.

Too right Geoff.

The sound quality for me is also MUCH worse on myspace. Sound like a lo fi version of everything…