Wha'chya woiking on?


I’ve been clearning out crap from the basement, sorting, hit a box of flyers and song lists, tapes, and other ephemera from 1983 or so, how in the #### did I get to be such an old fart so fast? #### it is depressing…

OK, all the songs about music and youth please. I 'll start it off:

My Generation (has back problems and a small retirement portfolio).


Two projects I’m continuing in a leisurely speed:
- The English songs project. Two of them have been at my website for awhile, now three more are in the works. Last night I recorded electric guitar and bass tracks for one of them. Needs the dobro and the vocals.
- “The return of the four track” project. The idea is to (re)mix some of my old cassette four track songs from the eighties with nTS and all the knowledge I have today. So far I’ve transferred the tracks to the computer. Sound quality is pretty good considering the lack of knowledge and the absence of quality equipment back then.


Day Job Work until 9:30 Thursday
Day Job Work until 1:30 AM Friday (Saturday morning)
Guess where I a now?

I hope to get out of here in time to see a little of the World Series. Unfortunately, the net connection to my office is down and I can’t complete what I need to do until it’s back up…yeah, getting somone in here to fix it on a saturday…lovely. I’m currently working on a wireless laptop and that don’t do it for the other stuff.

I need some new four letter words for the last few days. ???

I’ve just finished scrubbing the studio floor, and next I gotta put the gear back and vacuum the carpets. Then I get to work on some of my buddy’s record as a reward. WooHoo! Been wanting to get some work done for a while, and after next week, I won’t be able to until almost Thankgiving.

I’m on 33rd St., 2 blocks directly north of US Cellular Field, where the Series starts tonight (Go Sox!). The traffic is just starting, and it’s guaranteed to get crazy around here in 2 more hours. The city is trying to “lock down” the neighborhood which not only has my neighbors up in arms a bit, but will also be tough, because there’s a public park that covers 2 square blocks just across the street. I bet they’ll have mounted walking around there keeping the overflow in order. There’s been talk of searching most cars as they park, but I haven’t looked to see if that’s the case.

I’ll be sitting in the lounge watching the game on TV, but I may walk down to Jimbo’s (the local tavern, a block away) to get some of the flavor of this event firsthand. It’s still not real to me that the Sox are playing in the World Series…

Duping CD’s for church… I need one o’ dem Primera Disc publisher gizmos…


Recorded (on site) a student bass player from a local school. He is using the recording to show colleges his abilities… I am also doing the same for a local student piano player that needed me to remove the audio from a dvd she was playing on to make a college application CD. Other than that, I am working with my wife to put some show tunes in “the right key” for her students to sing.

What am I doing? stuff…


Had a formal dinner/presentation last night for the guys who got their black belts back in september,

Working bee down at the dojo rearranging and cleaning various weight stations and implements,

Band praco at 4pm…

Worked saturday to my own surprise, watched most of the game, White Sox and Astros, hmmm, doesn’t sound like world series. Thought about actually starting some recording today, will probably turn on nascar and take long nap. Bass player from band in high school called last night (missed call) maybe a reunion of old band. Sounds cool, except I’ve forgotten all the Alice Cooper songs by now. LOL

"hope I die before I get old…
Talking bout my geriatric nation" oops too late! :p

"Why don’t you all f-f-f-f-fade aawy"


I’m a Substitute for another guy,
I have to go to work and wear a tie,
It ain’t rock ‘n’ roll but it pays the bills,
and insurances should I fall ill, fall ill

(At least I get my washing done!)

Well apart from spending time on saturday helping to sort out a friends TV/Video/etc, and some time running round after our new puppy, and playing taxi service to the kids, I did actually get to play rock star…

Finally got 'round to attempting to record my son’s drum kit now that it has new heads etc. I had to make up a poor-mans snake/stage box out of some bits and pieces (kit is at the other side of the house) but we did it.

Only 4 tracks (OH x2, snare, kick), but it doesn’t sound too bad for a first attempt. I’m quite please with the cymbals; the kick is a bit woolly but is acceptable, and the snare has its good moments.

Both my son and I had a go at drumming to a song I’d already recorded. He’s just learning and I’m a wanna-be “air-drummer”. Anyway, great fun. Now to play with EQ, gates, compressors etc to see what I can make of it.

Thanks to all who contributed knowledge and advice to my “project” over the last few weeks.

My other son (guitar player), has grabbed a copy of an Acid 3 and with some help from me (cables, drum loops) is busily recording tracks on his PC. Now all I need is an 8 input card so I can record both of them together! What can I sell on ebay this month?


Played a gig with three other bands and ran sound for the same gig. Finally got to fully fire up my Mackie subs and JBLs in a full room. The place was packed. It was a hoot.

Quote (gtr4him @ Oct. 22 2005,20:57)
Duping CD's for church... I need one o' dem Primera Disc publisher gizmos......


HA! Ask and Ye SHALL recieve! The church clerk gave us the go ahead to order up a Primera Disk publisher!! Woo-Hoo! My one at a time burning days will be over soon!

This was especially tough since the church clerk is my WIFE! I can never get ANY money outta her...


Whoa. You are going to let us sneak in and make copies of our own stuff, right? :)

You don’t know how happy I am about this… I went so far as to install a second burner in my PC and bought Nero 6 Ultra which will burn to two drives simultaneously, BUT you STILL have to sit there and feed the darn things and click buttons. This publisher will burn and print up to 25 discs unattended. You can even mix and match masters as the image(s) are actually on the connected PC. I’m STOKED!