Whassup this weekend?


I’m doing nothing productive, but I am having a riot with the Garritan PO… and watching a lot of football - watched Purdue whomp Michigan State! :) And tonight - Hockey Night in Canada! Grapes! :D

Hi Tom:
I just turned the game on. It’s Tampa Bay and the Leafs… I’m not able to see the tube from where I’m sitting but there was a power play goal from a face-off.

TO. got blasted, last week… They’ll have to recover from that game… Big Time… Or the TO. fans will make them pay for it…


Not much so far, when it comes to music. Tomorrow, I promise, phoo, tomorrow. Otherwise it’s been fun (but no scandals) :)

Pulled a 12x4 snake in the overhead at church for drummer guy… now I’m ithcin’ like a mo-fo! Insulation everywhere! ACK!


taking a break from checking a few mixes on the Studer 2 track that I’ve just realigned. I don’t think I’m totally sold on this low output tape I’m using, but I got lots of it for testing.

Finally have a few days off from this 7pm-7am schedule I’ve been working. Came in today for the first time in over a week to find out that the old keyborad player from Wilco wants to come by tomorrow for some vocal tracking. I’d like a little more notice, but he’s a nice guy and it’s a booking…

Not much, praco’ed friday, took the kids karate class sat morning, gig sat night, in bed by 3am, up at 6.20am, karate training at 7am, back in bed by 10.30, up now, going to see a movie at 5.30.


Played with Jamstix some more.

Played with Gsnap some more.

And much non-music related stuff.


I was obviously typing what I did this weekeknd in the wrong thread…Moday is for the birds, but so it late Suday night.