Whassup this weekend?


What kind of noises are you all recording this fine september weekend?

Unfortunately, on Saturday I won’t have time to record, since I will be watching U Mich slaughter Notre Dame in some game or other.

saturday mornin starts the potatoe haulin season,drive a big ole truck full of these tators to the weight station then dump em in the warehouse,next 3 weeks,its a gravy gig,fun too,get to dig the radion all day,and i got this great station that plays blues and bluegrass and hardly no commercials at all,no news cast(best part of all)im also biding on anew machine on ebay,3.2 g pross,2 g ram,15 k hard drive,cd/rw and dvd,video card,xp pro 64…would be a step up from my 833 pross with 384 ram,wouldnt ya say,sunday ill listen to my poor green bay packers get slapped around a bit,its goona be that kinda season,but im there for them,just beyond the plain,
saturday night gottsa a gig ata place somewherte in the woods,im hopin for rain then on sunday so i dont have to drive tators…

Ya gotta haul tators… How ya gonna pay for that DAW?

Everybody should have to dig, haul or sort spuds at the tater shed at least once during their life. It’s good for the soul. Kinda hard on the nose… specially at the tater shed but hey…

I finally got around to trying the Presonus FireBOX out with the wifes laptop. My Compaq lappy absolutely refuses to run the thing. Even Presonus tech support is bamboozled… No matter, it works great with her Averatec laptop. It’s a Athlon XP-M 3000+ processor, 512MB RAM, shared memory intel graphics, 4200rpm 60GB hard disk and built-in CDRW/DVD drive. I installed the latest n-Track build 2126 V5 Beta and all my fav plugins. Results?

Test 1: Playback from internal HD - 19 stereo tracks mucho plugs ASIO driver… click, pop… fart.
WDM driver… ahhh… nice but a little sluggish.

Test 2: Playback from USB 2.0 external disk. 40GB buss powered “pocket drive” 4200 rpm. No better than test 1. Click, pop… fart with ASIO. Improvement with high buffers and WDM.

Test 3: Playback from USB 2.0 external disk. 160GB wall-wart powered 7200rpm, 8MB cache drive. ASIO driver… usable but higher latency settings needed to prevent click, pop… fart. WDM driver- now we’re talking! n-Track medium buffer settings allowed smooth playback, responsive GUI and decent audio latency.

End result? V5 is not looking too shabby and I have my portable 6in/10out 24 bit recording rig ready to ROCK! It appears that the Presonus is a sweet unit and the laptop does well as long as you can stuff them bytes in there from the HD fast enough.



UPDATE: A quickie job with Samplitude SE with 20 some odd mono tracks and a half dozen or so stereo tracks played back GREAT from the 7200rpm USB 2.0 drive with bunches o’ Sam plugins… ASIO driver set down to 10ms latency.

I am ref’ing my first socceer game tomorrow & watching my daughter’s game at 2:15. The band is rehearsing on Sunday - we actually have a couple of gigs coming up.

got the bux for the puter Billy,i did 2 roofing jobs last week,so if i win the bid,its mine,
now im working on one of them fancy soundcards,ya know,where ya could record the whole Norman Chubbyknuckle Choir at once,i want more I/O then Anna Nicole Smith has had ,if that makes sense:p :D ???

Hi wozz:
Roofing jobs are springing up like mushrooms, around here… (After the BIG-BLOW we had here the other year)… The insurance companies are putting the “Fear” into the homeowners… If you don’t have a decent roof on your house you just pay more for your policy… Simple… You see, the banks own all the homes, anyway… They just give you the option to live in it till they say NO… Well… lol… There’s a house down the street form me that cost them 10 G’s to re-roof it… New roof’s are Big Money, around here…

A good roofer can make big money around here… One-maybe two a week… Do-the-Math…

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are the Big Tator Countries, around these parts… They are starting to produce them now… till the frost takes them… They go 24 hours a day, if it don’t rain… or snow…


Taters and soccer. :D

Well, U Mich hammered Notre Dame, and I found an audix OM-5 at the local resale shop for 50 us dollars. :)

Kick them Taters… Chomp them soccer balls… :laugh: :O ???

OM-5 Is that a Mic? Did you see those Ribbon Mics on that Karma Page? Figure 8 pattern… The whole 9-Yards… MmAaNn… The output level from it would burn a hole into a frying pan… If only I could get back to tracking…


Junior Hockey exibition Home-and-Home series this weekend… Cape Breton and Halifax Mooseheads… The war is on… Cam Russell is behind the Mooseheads Bench…

Next weekend … The Rolling Stones Outdoor Concert… 100.000 expected… at 116.00 a ticket… Do the math…

Not re-started recording yet, but I’m practicing keyboard, and really starting to get into it.

It’s a one-handed thing, but having been a right-handed guitarist for many years, my left hand is very agile anyway, and the sounds that some of these soft synths can produce is incredible!

I almost wish I’d learned properly many years ago, but there again, ‘air piano’ just ain’t the same thing! :D

played our job last night using a peavey tnt 150,a bass amp,im used to playing an open back combo,and that peavey being a closed back with a 15 really gave my strat a tight so8und that i havent heard in a while,really good clean tones with just my ol prossesor,i had fun,funny how somthn that sounds different will make ya play a bit different too,
got one day of drivin the tators in,today they called at 5 am and said no worky today!thats just what the doc orderd ,feelin a bit sluggish from the gig yet,was one of them cross eye’d tired nights last night,by gigs end i was out of fuel,mama (wife) came an rescued me ,so i didnt have to drive,i love when wives do that for ya
Billy W,line up some roofing work there and we’ll take care of that stuff in a minute,its been over 30 yrs since i been to yer part of the world,played there when i was a youngster(21-23 yrs old)halifax an nova scotia,new brunswick st johns,what did i drink while i was there ya ask,why i drank canada dry of course,lol

Bill, yep, it’s a very fine dynamic mic for vox.

Pancho - I used to hate synths, until I got to play with a lot of soft synths. Any you particularly like?

If it’s the one I think it is… that mic has an awful nice bandwith to it… Can you post a photo of it?


Audix OM5 Spec sheet :)

D – don’t have one meself but have heard great things about 'em…


Pancho - I used to hate synths, until I got to play with a lot of soft synths. Any you particularly like?

Rhino is great Tom! So many sliders and buttons, so many adjustable parameters! You can have fun all day with it and never even have to play a note! :D

Absynth is good too, but if I had the money, I’d buy Hypersonic. Not only are the sounds so good on the demo, but it fits so well with Cubase SX. The combined CPU load is way down, never had a single click nor stutter with it.

I use Halion too, but by the time I find the right disk with the right samples on it, I’ve usually lost interest. :)

Rhino - I love it - I’m a big fan of the Big Tick stuff. I think if you look under the “comments” on his Rainbow synth, you will find a comment I made about 5 years ago about it. :)

Bill, the OM-5 should have been the first mic I ever bought. IN the same price range as an sm57 more or less, but much, much more usable, for me.

Yes… I saw the PDF link that Diogenes posted… That’s the one… A lot of guys around here “Nix’ed” it… I don’t know why… I’ve seen a couple in here that stopped working… When I opened the windscreen an metered the diaphragm assembly it was open… Mabey they aren’t as tough as the SM-58’s… ?? But those mics sounded great… when they worked…


Nixed them? The mic sounds great. Seems well built too. ???

I know… Tom S:
But these guys around here are spoiled rotten… And they too easily part with their hard-earned-money… The retail industry around here have a strangle-hold on Brand names of equipment that gets sold to the music industry buyers… Mind you, not as much as what happened 25 years ago… But sales of equipment is profit driven…

A couple of “Points” in the profit margins is the difference of what products get imported and sold to the market place… At least that’s what was going on when I was around the business…