What'd'ja all do thsi weekend?


So what did you all work on this weekend? We’re packing for the move, it was really, really fun taking apart my home made hack job of a rack and such, 3 years worth of crap piling up in the basement “studio”…amazing what junk I collected… :)

Anyway, my wife and I were killing time Friday afternoon before the kids got out of school, went to the local guitar satan, and they had an Odyssey rack for 65 bucks - a display model they wanted to get rid of - 300 some odd dollars regular price - nothing wroing with it, and really perfect for the move - my wife made me buy it. I protested, I really did… :)


Good score Tom. Can I have your wife when you are finished with her? :D

Me? My wife and I just got back from a trip to the Smoky Mountains for her birthday. Had a great time. Just the two of us in a cabin in the mountains for four days and three nights. Peace, quiet and a big ol’ hot tub…


PS My wonderful mother in-law kept watch on the kids for us. God bless her!

I KkNnOoWw… I can hear you Belly-aching from here…

I hate even thinking about moving… If I had to… I’d shoot myself in the foot… to save myself from the thought of doing such a deed… Anyway, good luck to you-and-all…

I bought a snow blower the other week… I’m working on bringing it up to the task, for this winter… I had to re-build the electric starter… … You see this is not a new one… Either am I… So---- there… I rebuilt the carburetor… and changed the oil and re-placed the spark plug the sheer-pins and just went over it… I think it’s gonna be up to the task… I want it to snow so I can try it out…

Then I want some sunny weather for the rest of the winter… with lots of sun and 70 degree weather… I’ll be satisfied with that… not too hot… mind you… We wouldn’t want to abuse that sun…

I waited 35 years for a snow blower… Now I have one… I’m pessimistic enough to say It may not work when it snows… Cause I didn’t get a new one… But it better…

We’ll see…


Changed my strings.

Well racked gear and a good patchbay can make work so much easier and more spontaneous. You want that thing over there? Just patch in and keep making the sounds…

Finished mixing a very interesting film soundtrack this weekend. It’s for a 32 minute short with 9 distinct songs. We had 13 in the live room for basic tracks…violin, viola, cello, bass, drums, vibes, alto sax, bass clarinet, baritone horn, 2 guitars, computer loopist, banjo…and added stuff (more banjo, some noise and loop based tracks, piano, clarinet…). Came out sounding pretty darn good.

Hey Tom good question. Nice rack BTW! the Odessy too LOL

Member that little conversation about a studio you said…and I’m paraphrasing…“A nice guy like you should be getting his own soon” or somthin to that affect?

Welp it wasn’t but two days after that I was contacted by a non-profit Christian studio who is wanting to aid me in the production of an album!

Must have been something to that whole mustard seed thing afterall! :D

I sent that studio a email months ago and pretty much wrote it off. Found it humoruosly coincidental that they finally responded
when they did. :;):

So this weekend I was rounding up possible musicians to help out with the session work and organizing songs etc.
I have a few months to get my act together…now how did that song go?.. :p

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Cool Jerm !
If you need a lead/rhythm guitarist, I’m just one plane ticket away !

Tom, that is indeed cool. It is so much easier if your wife has ‘buy in’ on the hobby as well. No need to justify things, but also someone who can objectively look at something and be levelheaded about it. I’ll have her after Tim :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with the move.


(I see the board has automatic spell check now - cool !)

Edit - silly me -It’s Firefox 2 that’s got the built in spell checker)

Uploaded our latest finished recording to the 'net… (see separate post)

Had quite a bit of fun cleaning up and subsequently ADT’ing an old vocal take I had lying around - sounded pretty impressive for a 23-year-old 4-track cassette recording… - I am getting the knack of this - I think… :D

regards, Nils

Saturday: slept late, spent most of the day helping my mother, who’s in a hospital at the moment. Quiet evening at home with my wife.

Saturday: spent most of the day at Helsinki Book Fair promoting my latest sf novel.

Oh yes I spent Saturday to finish the move of my studio to another part of the house (the electronic drum kit was the last to go, but I had to make room for it by cleaning up a little ugh)

So now everything fits into the new place and is logically set up, but the drum kit doesn’t have a power source at the moment, so I need to sort that out this week.

I also have a couple of sheets of compressed fiberglass that need to become bass traps.

Maybe this weekend that comes.

When all of this is done I can continue a (almost 2 year overdue) project to finish our church band’s demo CD - all the raw recordings have been made (drums, keyboards, acoustics and bass) so I just need to add electric guitar, percussion where its needed, do a preliminary mixdown and then record the vocals for about 13 songs.)
I’m hoping to have it done before the 2nd week in December.


Dang, you guys have interesting lives. I packed boxes. :)

Hey, MWah, what’s the name of your novel?


the name of my novel is Alshain.
(It’s the name of a real star a fictional planet is supposed to orbit.)

(So far, the book’s available only in Finnish…)

Well, that was my next question. :)

SF seems like it’d be a difficult genre to write in - so many ideas have been used -0 pretty hard to come up with a new hook so to speak.

Wish I could read Finnish! :D

Isn’t that something…
We got a real live Science Fiction writer amongst us… How would ya know unless the question was asked?

Then we got this guy who scours the country-side going to Yard Sales and Flee Markets discovering audio electronic treasures of the century… There doesn’t appear to be any other part of the world that this stuff can be found (in any great numbers) but right where he lives…

That area around where you live has got to be Yard Sale Mecca…


I’m assuming toker would deny the existence of Science-Fiction… :p

Quote (TomS @ Oct. 30 2006,18:36)
Wish I could read Finnish! :D

Isn’t that hard. Millions of people can!
(About five million, to be exact…)

There are a couple of short excerpts from my first novel 391 at my website. Translated by yours truly. We’re hoping we can get at least parts from Alshain translated by a professional Finnish-to-English translator (I know just the right guy) for literary agents, but that remains to be seen.

SF seems like it’d be a difficult genre to write in - so many ideas have been used -0 pretty hard to come up with a new hook so to speak.

As is with any literary genre… (a new twist for a detective novel: nobody gets killed?) I’ve tried to give some old hooks a new twist, and at least with this second one, I seem to have done a pretty good job… most of the reviews have been very favourable. (And some of these reviewers have read a LOT of SF in several languages.)

Be sure to let us know if an English translation becomes available. I dig a good sci-fi book… Unfortunately, like a lot of Americans, English is a second language even though it’s the only one I know! :p Especially here in the South we have managed to make a debacle of the Kings English…


TG, you can’t be using words like debacle in the south, it can cause traffic jams, cats living with dogs, mass hysteria! :D

I want a rack simialr to yours Tom, that I can load the daw, desk, and associated racks into, that doesn’t look like the junky MDF thing I’ve got it all in right now…