What'd'ja all work on this weekend?


Can’t say I did much recording, just a couple of keyboard parts for a song that wants to be finished and I’m not cooperating…

But we did take the kids canoeing. :)

surfed at the gold coast, installed 2 netware servers and 4 win2k3 servers.

no music. :(

Played a gig, recording off the inserts off the desk.

Scanned in about 300 pix for a film thats going to open at the sundance festival. Man I get tired of work sometimes :(

I died.

Well part of me died, my flesh.

I was baptized. And said goodby to the old me, and hello to the new me…now I’m married to Christ. :laugh:

So if the old me, ever offended anyone here, I apologize and ask for forgiveness. :;):

Now I have a new life, in Christ. I am risen from the dead! :p

And no, Ali, or Tom I do not have a way of proving it in the material world.
But I won’t have to. My behavior from this day on will be it’s own testament to “the truth”…on this matter. Not the truth in general…since that is a thing better left to the scholars of worldly knowlege. :blues:

Take care guys,
A message from someone you never met. :O



So if the old me, ever offended anyone here,

Not half as much as this new you threatens to! :D

Honesty Jerm, I’m delighted that you are so delighted. :)

But, can’t you do it quietly? My skin is starting to turn pink and peel from “holiness-burn”. :D


Well, since Thursday I had about 15 hrs of sleep.

Moved 9 servers from physical servers into VMWare, installed rightfax, upgraded two DC’s to w2k3, installed Exchange 2003, installed SMS2003 and migrated 600GB userdata onto a SAN, installed IIS, nfuse and three citrix servers.

Now we are sitting waiting for users to come and complain …

Well, Tom, you asked !


At least I had a listen to some mp3’s and played yeti sports (5) while we waited for processes to finish. (4200 feet is my record so far)


Music-wise, not much. Except being a sort of background music dj for the party the four families in our house threw for around 100 friends and relatives at Saturday evening. Had fun.

The rig got a lot of appreciative comments: fifties’ Salora tube radio with a single portable cd player into the (pre-RIAA) turntable input. Single EL84 power stage, six inch one-way speaker, enough volume for our yard. As the house is built around the same time than the radio, it even looked the part. Some reggae, lots of Cuban music, Finnish rock classics from the seventies and eighties.

Sunday spent recovering, writing a few sentences for the novel I’m currently writing and reading the book I’ll probably start translating as soon as I finish writing the novel.

Holy cow Wihan! You’ll need a week or two to get over that. I’m sure all the complaining users won’t let you have it though! :D


PS I went into the bowels of Hades (an amusement park) with a group from church. Carried all the kiddies up there. My little one had a blast whilst I was roasted alive by the heat and basted by the oppressive humidity. It was near 100 degrees F and 80-90% RH standing around on concrete and asphalt. Rough day…

Just found that one of the guitar tracks didn’t record in the last set - just silence - dunno why that happened.

Hey Jeremiah, I thought you died that die/reborn thing a long time ago?

I continued to setup my studio. My wife has officially kicked me out of my old room (her new office) and so I had to move more stuff in.

Broken Arrow, the NY tribute band, rehearsed for the first time in the studio. It was a little cramped but we did it. My family could actually remain in the house while we practiced & still hear themselves think. That was good.


Holy cow Wihan! You’ll need a week or two to get over that. I’m sure all the complaining users won’t let you have it though!

Well, we racked up about 56 hrs of overtime (taken sunday’s double time into account) - and there was two of us doing it …

I wish I could get my DAW-ta-DAW… :p I’ve been workin’ all summer on it… :O

And it’s not like it don’t work… It’s that it ain’t working the way I feel comfortable at the way the set-up is working now… I’m falling behind on the day-to-day maintenance in the studio, as well…


Clearly y’all work too hard. :(

Quote (Sceptic Tank @ Aug. 22 2005,02:22)
Honesty Jerm, I'm delighted that you are so delighted. :)

But, can't you do it quietly? My skin is starting to turn pink and peel from "holiness-burn". :D


Let it be said that I am least holy amongst all Ntrack users, and forum participants.
"For he that is least amoung you will be greatest in heaven."
I never would claim any holiness whatsoever. In fact I am most unholy, and most unrighteous of you all.
Thank God for GRACE! :D

Anyway, Mike, I did exept Jesus quite some time ago, as my savior, but I took the plunge Saturday and emersed myself in the changing waters, casting away my flesh and taking on my new persona.
Before that, I was just living in sin, and askin' for forgiveness...daily! :p
Now I have made the comitment to use the strenth given to Jesus, by God, over my body. And give up those things that used to give me soooooooooo much earthly pleasure! :laugh:
My Joy is in the Lord now, and that's all the pleasure I need..lol
Well...almost, it wouldn't hurt if my wife would give me some! :O

keep shinin' guys...have a good week.



Clearly y’all work too hard. :(

Possibly. Here’s my weekend, from Friday night:

- Finish work, 9.00pm, bed by midnight.
- Saturday - Take a kids karate class 10.00am-12.00noon
- Band arrives at my place to pack gear for the nights gig. Drummer arrives an hour early, I have a shower while waiting for the rest of the band, guitarist who lives 30mins away in a different town sleeps in, I wake him with a phone call at 2.50pm.
- Setup at the pub 3.00pm-6.00pm. Owner won’t let us soundcheck. I setup live rig to record to pc which lives in the same rack anyway. Our sound guy won’t be able to make the gig, so I keep the desk next to me and I’ll wander out the front using the wireless while playing bass to check levels during the gig, as well as checking recording levels, as well as playing, as well as… you get the drift.
- Go home, eat pasta with the two guitarists, go back to the pub at 8.50 or so.
- Play gig, 9.30pm - 12.30pm. Struggle with getting decent mix while playing rock songs on bass. Wireless rocks though. Play a song we’ve never done before as encore. Pub owners love us, we get paid, I don’t get any gobbie from admiring fans.
- Packup, 1.00am-2.00am.
- Watch 20mins of gig video the drummer recorded. Better than we thought we were.
- get to bed, roughly 3.00am
- get up, sunday morning, 6.20am.
- arrive at dojo and open up for 7am class. Train from 7.00am to 8.30. Eat breaky with the crew.
- go home, post on these boards, eat something.
- midday, go out to uni open day and check out the postgraduate primary teaching course.
- 3.30pm, open dojo for the 4.00pm brownbelt class (several going fo black in a couple of weeks), train till 5.30pm.
- go home, shower, head out of town for meal at other blackbelt’s house.
- go home, bed by 11.30pm.
- wake up monday morning with a headache (not hungover, I don’t drink) which gets worse, start feeling like I’m going to throw up, call in sick from work, go back to bed and sleep from 11am to 7pm…

Feel much better today.


I could never figuer this out??

Why is left to the Bass Players and mabey Drummers to do all the electrical/electronic assembley of the stages they contribute too? And the Lighting and the mix and all the HEAT for anything that goes wrong?

And the Front guys and Guitar players take all the Glory?? :O ??? :(



I think I am going to start drinking… I might get away from work more on the weekend myself if I were in a stooper… I came home early from vacation in Montreal to start a big contract. Yuck…

BTW, you guys make my head hurt with all of that Microsft. Ugh… Why is it you hate your chosen profession most the week after coming home from vacation?

Wihan, how does VMWare seem to be behaving?


And the Front guys and Guitar players take all the Glory?? :O ??? :(

Well, I get the glory too later on when the guitarist and I swap instruments - I get to play all the 80’s cock rock stuff!!