What's going on?


I just spent four wonderful days in that socialist pinko commie country, hated by radical conservatives, that is going down the tubes faster than you can say “Karl Marx” - uh, Canada that is - and it seems like you folks had little to say this past weekend.

Anyway, we went to London Ontario, home of the Champion London Knights, Labatts, and some very nice people to whom I am related, and I have to say, it is a wonderful town. We had a chance to record a bit with my new laptop portable setup, onto which I had forgotton to load n-Track! I had my new Rode nt5 pair, the nice symmetrix preamps, cables, headphones, mic stand, an Echo Indigo sound card, but…um…forgot to load in the software! Jeepers. Thank goodness for the WWW, downloaded it and everything went more or less smoothly…after we figured out how to set up everything in sync… :)

So, whassup? ???

yeah really guys…throw some bizzness our way! even a slugs got to eat!..but eat what?..good question! :laugh:
Whatever they eat it seems to leave a slime residue!

tom, just a note… “pinko” defines a moderately left outlook… if you’re going to suggest that a country is extremely left, maybe pinko is too soft a word :D

how do you like that echo indigo?.. it seems that a few high quality portable cards are popping up… the sad part is that i’ve only seen stereo cards… for more channels, you’d have to have a rack… i used my laptop for some time to record, but wasn’t satisfied with the disk speed… however, it was incredibly portable, as you already know…


The sound quality is fabulous. I had some problems with clicks and pops, not a surprise since this was the first test run with the whole set up. one thing I don’t like about the card: the input and output are 1/8 inch stereo on the side of the card, and the wires get in the way of my CD drawer.

You know, of course, that I’d move to Canada if I could do it. :)

Canada- why is the left turn light so short!

were you recording at 24/96?..


Quote (idover @ June 21 2005,13:11)
were you recording at 24/96?...


Yes. :)

sweet… would the physical size of the card allow for more than one pc card to be in use?.. it’s ridiculous that most portables will have two pcmcia slots, but card manufacturers are making these things so large that you can only use one at a time…


I dunno, but not in my laptop. ???