What's Left To Fix?

I purchased N-Track at the beginning of the month coming from Cakewalk Home Studio and Guitar Tracks Pro. After getting a feel for the logic in the program, as it is similar AND dissimilar to other DAWS I’ve used (especially in the arming of tracks for record and playback), I have to say I really like the program. I think it uses my CPU and Harddrive more efficiently than Cake as I have no stutters or glitches and have had no crashes. I’m on an underpowered Celeron 1.2 so efficiency is a must!

When I bought the program it was build 1789. Now I see it’s at 1803!

My question is: What is left to fix? Is there a bug list somewhere? Everything that I use is working (I think)…how much more can there be???


Well, it looks like Flavio’s finding stuff to fix all the time. A lot of the stuff I wouldn’t even glance at in my situation.



Yes Willy I had found the changelog. What I was looking for was the bug list.

Since I posted about an hour ago the build has increased to 1804 but it is not in the changelog. What got fixed?


Hi Kingfish,
Thanks for the info I find that intresting since I’ve always used ntrack and have been curious. I get the impression at times that ntrack is more userfriendly than it’s higher priced compettors. Yours is one user comment Flavio should copy!

hey King, and welcome to N.

From my experience, Flavio tends to scan this forum looking for mention of bugs and suggestions for improvement. As new hardware comes out, he’s constantly tweaking N to be more compatible and flexible. I don’t expect him to stop producing new builds for quite awhile. But that’s not an indication that there are that many bugs to fix. I think it’s more a statement of his desire to keep improving the product.

Version 3, for example, started with Build 1340 or so (as i recall). The final V3 build was 1516. He continued to tweak V3 for a long time. I’d expect V4 to be similar.

Guess what i’m trying to say is that there may not be a ‘bug list’ because Flav responds so quickly, items get scratched off the list as fast as they get added.