what's new: n track 4.1

what does this mean:

"Increased audio processing multithreading to take advantage of hyperthreading, dual-core and multiple CPU systems. Increase in performance should be ~10% with hyperthreading CPUs and ~50% with dual CPUs"

does this mean that everyone would see a performance increase in version 4.1 or does it mean only people with certain kinds of systems will see a performance increase?


Only certain systems. Look up your processor type on the Intel or AMD site and they will tell you if it is capable of hyperthreading. I would hope you would know if you have a dual CPU system, as you would have payed plenty for it. 98% chance you have a single processor system. If you have a Pentium 4, 90% chance it supports hyperthreading. But this increase is in speed is dependant on the processor you have.

This means that if you have a processor that supports hyperthreading and you configure it to do so, then you will get a 10% approx performance boost; if you have dual processors, then this will be around 50%. As there is more overhead in 4.1 than 3.x due to new features etc., without this you would have probably seen a performance hit.

I did a little testing at the time and this doesn’t seem to make a significant difference in terms of concurrent tracks etc., but can make a difference in terms of mixdown speed/rendering to mp3/non-realtime processes.

To get this performance boost, “multi-threaded processing” must be enabled in n-track properties.

The performance boost may paradoxically take the form of higher overall cpu usage as the extra threads are being assigned to the 2nd (real or virtual) cpu, whereas without multithreading the ntrack.exe process is maxed out at 50% - using 100% of one cpu and none of the other.