What's the reverb stuff in the aux bus EQ window?

Hey guys;

Why is there a window for (what appears to be) reverb settings under the EQ settings for the aux bus? Does it actually add reverb to whatever you’ve got in the bus?


That would be an Always On effect that is there by default. One way to get folks to find a new feature is to put something there. :)

Sorry Phoo, I don’t understand what you mean. Are you saying that it is an always on reverb that shows up every time you up the bus level?
Also, is it on with other effects in the bus?

Never mind - I figured it out. That’s kind of a bad idea actually. If you never used the EQ on the bus (which I only just did recently) you’d never know where that extra reverb was coming from. I often just use the one bus for reverb, so it was getting mixed in with SIR without my knowing it.

Yeah. I can be bad if you don’t know it’s there and don’t want it.

Once removed and the song is saved it shouldn’t come back unexpectedly in that song. Even though the default of a clean n-Tracks install is for it to be there, opening an existing song saved without it should still be opened without it after an upgrade or reinstall of the app.