What's this thing?

Well, what it looked like, was a smoke stack from an old pot bellied stove.

It was a duo playing on stage, and this thing seemed to serve as the PA speaker and the stage monitor - it was behind the band.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a close look, or talk to the band, but I assume it was some sort of bottom fed dispersion speaker? There was another black box on the floor at the edge of the stage - a sub perhaps?

Anyway, whatever it was, I was quite surprised that there was no feedback - or very little anyway. The two stage mics appeared to be SM58’s or similar, and were only about 3 feet from this ‘thing’. True, they were about 60 degrees off axis from the thing, but considering the power this beastie was throwing out, it was still surprising.

So, if anyone could enlighten me, I’d be grateful. :)

Bose L1

That’s the beast!

Thank you Phoo. :D

I was quite impressed by the ease of set-up, I’m getting very tired of lugging half a ton of gear around.

The sound was very open and clear, my only criticism is that it had the typical upper-bass/lower-mid “hole” which a poorly matched speaker/sub combination gives, but the duo were trying to mix on stage, they had no sound man, so all in all, it wasn’t that bad.

So, thanks again Phoo, I’ll read up some more about it.

I’ve seen these beasties, haven’t heard one as of yet. The amp is in the base of the Pole, witha sub woofer on the side. Quite expensive unless the price has fallen on it. Probaly the reason I haven’t heard one is because of the price! I think they originally started out at about $2600.00 for complete system.

It’s still very expensive Yaz, especially as Bose recommend a separate L1 system for each person, so I don’t think I’ll be getting one just yet. But hopefully, if the idea catches on, other manufacturers will start producing similar things at better prices.

But as I said, the most impressive thing was watching the duo setup and de-rig…it was very fast and seemed very easy.

The venue was a pub, roughly square, about 6,000 square feet, and about 100 people in it. The usual high levels of background noise, people talking, a few TVs playing, etc. The small stage was in the middle of one wall. One performer had two mics, one vocal, and the other for guitar/banjo/mandolin; and the other performer had one mic which he used for vocal/harmonica/flute.

The two performers stood about 5 feet apart with the L1 between them and behind them. The music was traditional and contemporary folk.

The sound of the L1 was clearly audible at good listening levels all over the pub, even off to the sides of the stage, and I couldn’t hear any places in the room where the EQ balance was bad. The set was about 2 hours long, and I experienced no listening fatigue during that time.

As I said, I initially thought there was a certain amount of unevenness in the lower mid - upper bass region, but after a while that became less apparent. (The previous band had been using a conventional pair of JBLs on stands, so my ears were probably still using that as a benchmark.)

There was the occasional feedback squeak, but no more than any other band with a conventional setup.

So all in all, I was quite impressed, but I think I’ll wait till Berry bring one out for 50 quid. :D