What's up with protools wav ????

with a wav made in protools N freez

when i used a wav rec in protools le, N-Track freez when i want to play it …

Wht’s problem ???? what can i do ????

Are you certain it is a .WAV and not .Aiff or SDII???

mac’s usually use .Aiff not .Wav as clark is inferring. try and bring the wav into an editor like cool edit or something and save it as a .wav file.

If they are .AIFF, you can us DBpoweramp to convert to .WAV If, in fact, they are SDII files, try this app to convert them to .WAV http://www.railjonrogut.com/sdTwoWav.htm

Works great for me.


no , it’s not aiff, it’s wav…

i take it in rec folder of protools LE

can you open it with an editor?

They’re not broadcast .wav ?

We really need some more info here in order to help…

Record one second and post the file. If you don’t have web space, email it to the email address at my website.

Let’s see what’s under the hood!

great idea!

When writing the program to chop up the samples for my Rhodes soundfont, I learned a little bit about wave file headers (at sonicspot.com).

Some apps don’t like waves that don’t have an even number of samples or data sizes that aren’t byte aligned (4 byte alignment requires the size to be evenly divisible by 4 for example). Most apps handle this fine, and probably n-Tracks does, but some wave editors will happily save out waves that don’t stick to this requirement for PCM waves. These are technically corrupt wave files. You’ll never have a problem until you run into an app that doesn’t fix it on the fly (which is what most players do).

It’s also possible for a .wav file to contain compressed data, such as mp3. These will probably just fail to open. They are pretty confusing because they have the .wav extension.

i did import .wav files from pt free/le/hd in ntrack and all worked. even broadcastfiles are supproted in v4!
so probably a corrupted wav file?

yeah, i can edit it with Fl-Studio and it work great…

and with N,i play it and after N freez…

i send it to learjef

if anybody want it ????

Please send it to me too…

PM for a link

[edit – please ignore]

Hey Jeff,

Were you able to get the file?

send me your mail clark…

and i send the wav to you (1,32Mo)