What's updated

Has anyone noticed there have been several new builds that don’t give an explanation as to what has been changed?

When Flavio was working on the bug I submitted, there were a couple of builds he offered up that didn’t completely fix the problem, which I downloaded and gave feedback on. Only the one that finally worked was listed on the “what changed” page. Maybe the missing builds are just test builds? Not saying that this is the best way to do things, though…


OHHHH! The newest build isn’t listed. Is that one of them?

The latest one is a bug fix Flavio is graciously working on for me. I have a Behringer BCF2000 MIDI controller and was having an issue with some of the MIDI Send codes. I have yet to test it but will have a chance in about an hour. Maybe when fixed he’ll post a change entry with this description.


Yeah I noticed build 1678 was up there yesterday and downloaded it.
Didn’t seem to make much diff to me and was waiting to see what changes were posted on teh “What’s changed” page.
Now this morning I noticed build 1679 is up there but still no update to the change log.


Quote (Scantee @ Sep. 16 2004,14:10)
Only the one that finally worked was listed on the "what changed" page.

I have to correct myself here. The bug I reported is listed as being fixed in build "1639-40" (quantization bug). Looking back at my emails, though, the bug was present in at least builds 1639-1641, and it was finally completely squashed in 1643. So there's some inaccuracy there. But the download page does seem to be Flavio's mechanism of choice for distributing test builds. Somewhat confusing, and maybe risky if the builds are buggy, but it's seems to have worked ok for him so far.


Does that mean it’s working well with your behringer bcf2000? I’ve got my eye on one and have been trying to find out how well it works. Any comments?

Hey T1ny… yes, it’s working great with v4.0. Flavio fixed the one bug I found so far. It does take a WHILE to configure the thing with n-Track (easy, just time consuming) but so far I have three presets configured for 24 regular fader and pan tracks and one preset for the master and group channels. Also, the way I have mine, you can configure the knobs to control the first three VST plugins’ parameters (up to eight parameters each) for each track.

I really appreciate not being a slave to the mouse as much.

That’s great. I’ll get it ordered then. After reading the manual I assumed it would take a heck of a long time to configure it but looks like it will be worth it. Thanks for the response.

Just been reviewing the posts to find out about V4 Build 1693. What’s the general concensus is it stable or should I be sticking with V3.3 at the mo ?

I’ve just bought V4 anyway B4 I realised it had had a few wobbles. I downloaded Build 1670 but only installed tonight. I’m on 1693 now.

I’ve been playing with 1693. It’s pretty stable. A few of my major problems were really sound card settings that I’ve seemed to have resolved.

There’s still a couple of issues, but they’re mostly graphical.

I’ve found that you can’t multithread directx plugins-it’ll crash when you load a directx plugin-but uncheck this in preferences and it’s fine.

I haven’t done any major recording with it yet, just some blank track tests.