what's with this lag?

Hey guys;

I’ve noticed since using v 4 that there is a lag indicator under the time screen. I’ve also noticed that my lag is really high. In a project I was working on, it’s gotten to the point where I have to record new things in a new project and then import the wave file or the recording is jittery. Even in a new project with only a few tracks and no effects, it becomes a problem.

Any ideas what’s up with this? I’m running Athlon 1333, Echo MIA, 512 DDR, Asus mobo.


Posting a response to my own post lol.
Did a little experimenting over the past couple days, and here’s what I found.
My lag is basically gone now, but I don’t know how/why. I was originally using the MME Purewave drivers for my Echo MIA soundcard (when I had lag and made my first post), so I tried the ASIO drivers, and the lag was gone. Unfortunately, the control panel only has options for stereo ins, which is a pain when recording a mono track. I tried the WDM drivers, with no improvement.

That was yesterday. Today I tried with the normal (not PureWave) MME drivers, and no lag! I tried the WDM - no lag again. I tried the PureWave - no lag again. I should note that I tried clicking and unclicking the Use System Timer for checkboxes with no affect on the lag (today). I also have the timer set to System in the MIDI options tab (don’t know if that should matter). Yesterday clicking and unclicking the Use System Timer for didn’t get rid of the lag, but it did stop it from growing to over 100 000 if they were unchecked.

PS, I should also note that I was only observing the lag indicator readings on the screen. I didn’t actually record anything and try to sync it up - just hit the record button and recorded one blank track after another and watched the lag go up. It would be kind of nice to know what I did to stop the lag should this problem arise again, but I don’t know how anything I did could’ve changed things.
Any ideas/comments?

Something else I forgot: I get no lag using the aforementioned technique on the 1st 4 or 5 tracks (didn’t test beyond that) - yesterday (lag day) I started getting lag o the 2nd track. I do get lag with the current settings on an existing project with about 32 tracks, including some MIDI and soundfont with a bunch of effects. This I would expect is normal for such a large # of tracks, though.