What 'ya think?

of this mix…

Hey, this was originally mixed in another software, but I wanted to get a grip on NTrack, so I remixed…what do you guys think? It’s a bit repetative, but that is good for church worship stuff…


I hope that link works…if not, I’ll edit in a few minutes. ???

The above link works fine, but here is a second one that is faster…


Very nice. Good tune & vocals, nice balance, sounds full with nice flow and interesting dynamics. Clean, crisp playing.

The only ‘constructive criticism’ I’d offer is the acoustic guitar sounds a touch boomy and lacks clarity in the early stages of the song.

Otherwise, great song. Thanks for sharing. :)

very nice. i really like this… the whole thing. :O :D

love the subtle addition of the heavy/distorted guitar.

song is a little longish for my taste.

I like it :)
I agree with JonM re the acoustic guitar. I’d also like to hear a less boomy snare with less reverb. It covers the vocals and generally sounds too huge for me, but may not need so much verb tweaking with some more lows rolled off. The voice could be brought a tad more upfront, but the level varies wildly when I switch between cans & speakers, so it could be something at my end :)

I like the song, very well done. Hey, I really like the vocals. They sound really nice and crisp. I am been trying for ages to get vocals to sound right but am having some issues, maybe you can help.

This is what I was doing…I had the vocals recorded flat, add them as a track in N_track. Then I start with using Sonic Foundry Equilizer plugin and lower the bass of the vocals and increase the treble some. Then I used MDA_Stereo plugin so the vocals dont sound like their are just sitting in the centre of the song…I spread them out a bit. Then I used BlueCompressor plugin and use the default compression for “vocals”. Finally used Waves TrueVerb plugin and the reverb setting called “New York” plate. But something still does not sound right.

I would be very grateful to you if you can tell me in detail what effects you use on your vocal track (including frequencies, plugins, volumes, etc).

I thankyou again and keep up the great songs.

Thanks for the response guys.

To Firi - Email me @ steve@mi-o-mi.com and we can talk more about what I did for the vocals, but here’s the basics…

I use a freeware verb plugin named glaceverb…I can get you a link, but don’t have it handy now…I also use a free compressor put out by kajuerhaus (sp?) called classic compressor (it has great presets). That’s it. I try not to EQ if possible, and I think on this track there is no EQ on the vox.

The biggest thing to get good anything is to have a decent AD converter (which is why I’m an advocate of pro cards as opposed to SB’s). I used an AKG c1000s mic for them.

One thing that helps my tracks out a lot is I use Izotope Ozone. Cant recommend this enough! it goes on the master, but with a little tweaking, adds punch and ‘sizzle’ to your overall mix.

this is a good mix… I like the piano and the bass. I think the drums need work, especially the snare. The guitar is not miced, and I correct? You just went line in? I personally think a miced guitar sounds MUCH better. The talent is there, but the mix is still not-professional… I don’t mean to be harsh, but I hate people who just give 100% positive feedback. good work.


what would you do with the snare? you are correct on the guitar, however, that was due to the recording space, it wasn’t an option to go mic it due to ambient noise (namely my screaming 6 month old…)

the snare has too quick an early reflection and the reverb is too bright. my ear gets fatigued quickly. the vocals need to be brought out alot more and/or the accompaniment put alittle further back. i haven’t tried in a while, but i couldn’t find a way of doing ducking directly in NTrack. Even though that’s really picky, i thought the playing and singing were excellent! thanks. i enjoyed listening.