what are you working on?

C’mon folks, entertain me, I’ve had a stupid fever for 4 days now and am entirely bored with the history channel.

No recording for me but I am working on putting together a new band. Last week, I found out that a guy I played with in college, whom I have played with for 30+ years is actually living my town! He plays bass and just retired from the US Army band where he joined to play tuba many moons ago. I’ve found a drummer and we’re having our first rehearsal tomorrow! I am learning some SRV tunes and I just got a new FullTone Drive 2 which I can’t wait to use. Whoppi!

Too much to even remember

*Recording drums tonight, horn section on Monday, finalizing string arrangements for The Slang
*Figuring out merchandise and booking for St Pat’s 2010 for the Irish band.
*Recording guitar, mandolin and vocals for the Irish band tomorrow night
*Finalized samples for Christmas cover band
*Coordinate photo shoots for two bands in the next week
*Work on promo for a few national acts we’re trying to get through in 2010.
*Rewire my electronic kit as some of the cables have gone to crap
*Record a session of some string ensemble on Sunday
*Maybe, if I am really lucky, catch up on a few mixing projects that I am way behind on.
*Meet with the band lawyer next Tuesday to incorporate two bands, getting legal agreements together etc.
*A consulting gig to install a new house PA for a new local venue Wednesday before recording
*Friday night gig with the Slang
*Saturday night gig with Punch the Monkey
*Stave off questions on what I am doing for Thanksgiving

That gets me through the next 7 days.

I am sure plenty more I am forgetting.

Wow, Bubba, that’s some script - all fun, I hope?

TomS! I’m working like a dog on my building project and lookin’ forward to doi’ some tunes in it.

Get well.

What’s beat you up, Tom. Heavy isotropical pig duck fish Flu?

Quote: (TonyR @ Nov. 17 2009, 4:12 PM)

What's beat you up, Tom. Heavy isotropical pig duck fish Flu?

Why, yes, strangely enough, that is exactly what it is.

Glad I don't have bubba's schedule this week.

Dang, Mike, I'd try out if I were in your town. :agree:

and you lived to write another day. cool.

Hi, Mr soul. An old friend of mine has just landed a job with a band. He’s gone from doing the odd gig - to six nights a week - he’s gonna die :laugh:

Mike I bet you will sound great with that Fulltone. Their sound seems like the kind of thing that would work for you. I got the OCD a while back. Still haven’t quite written anything that fits it, but it is really fun to blast full out.


one song ready to mix, one song mixed sloppily to send to worship leader, one new church song ready to record things that need a microphone (computer/music area is in living room with a bunch of tv and noise addicts), and a taise in my head right now which i’m going to sit down and chart right after i finish this sentence.


yeah, i misspelled ‘taize’

  • Writing and recording 6 or 7 songs with a friend. Aim to be out by Christmas

    - Putting a band together for a one-off rocked-up Christmas Carol concert (outdoors!!)

    - Working on some webby software ideas of my own

    Since loosing my job twice in the last year I’m only working 4 days a week so I’m also doing all sorts of things on “day 5” in an attempt to make ends meet - which is fun and challenging.

TomS - consider yourself an honorary member as of right now! You are always welcome to come and sit in with the band (assuming that we get some gigs :slight_smile: The Fulltone Drive 2 sounds really good - the lead guitarist in my old band used one, which is why I decided to get one. All Fulltone’s stuff seems to be high quality.

I tell ya, being couch-bound and unable to play is a pain, but on the good side I’ve read some stuff and watched some good programs, so it’s not a total loss. Any of you guys seen any of the History Channel’s “WWII in HD”?

Uh, if you wonder, Marc Bloch’s Feudal Society, and A. J. Ayer’s Language Truth and Logic for the nth time. ???

I don’t do TV, Tom but is that the one/replay that they coloured-in?

No, not colourized, actual real colour film taken in color at the time. Not something to watch with the kids around.


Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Nov. 17 2009, 7:44 PM)

yeah, i misspelled 'taize'

No sweat Jason.
Bubba has no time for wasting minutes!

Me? I'm over worked and under paid with my day gig.
Working 13 strait hrs. daily, lately.
No breaks, no food, no water.
Yea I'm tough but I'm pooped.
Um, I'm tinkering with King Bee when I get time, it's sounding to cool for words.
When it gets right down to it, I do love da
blues thee most! Have some time off tomorrow, who knows what will happen!