What Build Should I Use?

What might be stable

OK Folks,

I have my computer mostly set up the way I want and am ready to get rolling. It looks like this for now.

AMD 2600+ barton
768 MB 333 SDRAM
200 GB 7200 RPM IDE data drive
7200 RPM IDE system drive
M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
Windows 98 SE for a while at least

So now my question comes; which recent build of N-T gives me the best chance of having a stable setup that I can use to get some real work done. Figure that I am basically starting from scratch with only a little experience with version 3. I am totally willing to wipe my system clean if I have to but I want decent, stable performance (assuming I don’t have hardware related problems) where if there are any bugs, they are pretty much known and are not show stoppers. Of course, I want to get as many of the newer features as possible too but I am not willing to have a system that messes up much in order to have them.

I hoped I explained this clearly. In any case, thanks for any suggestions and if possible, please let me know where to get my hand on the build you think is best for me.


IMHO, the 98 SE looks like the weakest link there; I haven’t had the greatest experiences with 4.x and this OS (anyone out there running 4.x happily with N-track 4.anything, please don’t hesitate to refute my claim!). But aside from that, I really couldn’t find much wrong with the latest 4.04 build (1811) on main box, which runs Win 2K Pro (and I also have an AMD Barton w/the 2496 card). Also, I’d personally steer clear of the 4.05 Beta for now 'til it stabilizes, though.

Again, just IMHO!


Version 3.3, Build 1516 was what I (and I think many others) considered to be the most stable version of n-Track… ever. You really can’t go wrong with it, and if you have absolutely no room for error (like, you’re being paid), that’s what I’d use.

4.0, on the other hand, has been pretty flaky. The early builds sucked exorbitant amounts of ass. In fact, I gave up on the big n for a period of months… I thought it would never return to its previous glory (kind of like when Michael Jordan came back to the NBA)…


The latest builds have been great - and from a performance standpoint nearly as good as 3.3.

I’ve been using build 1800 for the past few weeks, and it’s been GREAT.

In fact, I’ve got a project lined up next week, and I think I’ll take build 1811 along with me.

(You should probably avoid the new beta. It’s working great here, but lots of people are having trouble with it.)

So, short answer:

3.3 build 1516 = sure thing
4.0.4 build 1811 = definitely worth trying

Thanks for the feedback,

I am just at the stage where I want to keep my troubles to a minimum. I am a techie who wants to keep it about the music as much as possible. I spent 25+ years in electronics & computer labs and I am kinda tired of it right now.

I do have one job coming up doing some dubs for a video where I will have to slave to SMPTE. Don’t know if anyone has done that here lately. I may start a new thread about that soon.

Thanks Again,

Quote (TrackGrrrl @ April 16 2005,02:12)
I am a techie who wants to keep it about the music as much as possible. I spent 25+ years in electronics & computer labs and I am kinda tired of it right now.

Yeah, I know how you feel. Actually, I don't know what 25 years feels like, but I get the idea - you want it to just work.

Hopefully Flavio has worked out all the major 4.0 bugs... From my standpoint, he has. (I hope I don't have to eat those words...)

In any case, good luck with that video project!

Build 1811 has been pretty stable on my 98SE system for a couple weeks now - even the occassional crashes have been graceful - no blue-screens! :p

'til next time;
Tony W

I dunno, the latest builds (1811) have been way more stable than 1516 for me on WinXP with a P4. On Win98 though, 1516 might be best.

1811 has been pretty good, and 1826 has been pretty good so far though I haven’t tried it’s new functionality…

Thanks Again Guys,

I had 1516 kicking around already and I just downloaded 1811. I will give them a try over the next few weeks. I know that people have had varied experiences, so I guess that I will have to try things on my own system to know for sure.

Since I do have some removable drive bays kicking around, I can probably even set up a couple of different system disks and swap them back and forth if I need to. I know the song files are not compatible but it would still give me a chance to test both versions without the hassle of uninstalls and reinstalls.