What do you guyz think of my new website???


What do you guyz think of my new website??? I’d appreciate some feedback!

www.steale.com :O


I like it - I don’t like having to scroll to see all of the bottom frame, though, not on the first page of the site.

that’s some hair ya had there…


I like the simplicity of it, not too many thingies here and there that try to confuse my aging brain.

I like pages that have an easy way back to the main page, like you click on the band name and it takes you back to the main page… I hate reaching for the back button! :angry:

Other than that, it seems like a friendly website!

'til next time;
Tony W

Looks pretty simple and good to me.
It took a little bit of time for the picture to load but I’m on dail-up, so everything takes time for me…tee hee.
Only thing that I would change is the picture.
There’s like an old white haired lady who looks like a parakeete sitting on your shoulder, eek!
She looks like the hawk man from old Battlestar Galactica…tee hee (gees, I hope it’s not your mom or anything if so, sorry.)
Mabey touch up the photo in Adobe or something, just match the color of the cement and shade her out man!
I think there’s other ways of making the file size smaller as well to cut down the load time, it wouldn’t make the picture smaller, just the bytes less.
As far as the Inner Circle thing, I’m sure I’ve heard of that name somewere before, mabey at CC, but I’d check and see of it’s not already C righted. who know’s mabey I’ve seen the name somewere you have it posted, just an observation.
Oh yeah, and thanks for not putting a sample song right into the html of the first page, that starts playing automaticly. I hate when people do that, it just confuses my computer and make it freeze up, and I then never go back to there site EVER!
Keep shinin’

Cool stuff.

I agree with the suggestion to not require use of the back button on the browser. That’s not always a reliable way to get back. Anyway, why not allow going from page to page without having to go back to the home page? There’s a big frame at the top that shows your name all the time. Why not add links to all the pages up there?

I wanted to look at your website, but then I started staring at wynot’s avatar for a few hours. Seriously, I like the pages. Looks professional.

Somebody already mentioned the “back” button issue, and I’ll have to sgree. You should provide navaigation without relying on the browsers controls.
Any particular reason you’re using Flash? Lot’s of people don’t like waiting for flash to load. In fact, I block Flash applets from playing at all… And… The music that comes up after the Flash loads…Ugh. Nothing wrong with the music itself, but give your viewers a choice to listen or not; Don’t assualt them with it.

Nice hair, BTW!


Nothing wrong with the music itself, but give your viewers a choice to listen or not; Don't assualt them with it.

I agree. I personally think nearly all audio on a site is bad. I've found a few tatefully done sites that have ambience type music, but it was nearly indistinguishable from the wall (ie blended very well). I could care less about having links back (I use mouse gestures so going back a page is nothing but a hold right-click hit left click). I however do not like that each time I go to the index that flash animation happens again and the song plays again. If you had it as an intro then loaded a different index page (index2.html or something that had the links with the same image but static ie the intro animation was only on index.html then you shifted to index2). Also the "norm" now seems to be having links to the other parts of the site at the bottom or top (or both) of the page. That way I wouldn't have to go back to a home page each time to investigate the page. Other than that the graphics are great, layout is good too. Actually if you dropped the animation and the sound I don't think I could complain at all (well that and add a nav bar on each page). The animation doesn't enhance the site imho, I think an animated arrow to a link that say "download our songs!" then encirlces it, would be a better use of animation.

I'll post my band site soon if you like so you can tear it to shreds. :D. IMO simple is best, you want it to work on all browsers and all computers and convey the message you want not be distracting. The focus is your music. You want it cleanly and interestingly presented (presented creatively even, but w/o being distracting).

ack i'm ranting. all apologies. Hope this is constructive in some way.

I agree with the previous comments about the music playing, apart from that though, I like it, simple but stylish…