What do you think?

can you suggest me?

I’d like to travel to Europe. Can anyone suggest me where to go first?

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altea hotel
billete mexico
atencion psicologia
arquitectura plano
armario escoberos
bienestar laboral
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apartamento florida tenerife
accesorio informatica

Do NOT click on those links !


Possibly spyware

God sent those links.

…its a SIGN!!!

cant you see the spamitual reality?

I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are displaying a sense of humour (that is at home on this forum) and not making fun of DrGuitar’s post in anything else…

In that case:

:D :D

as Jesus said, “you yourself said it” hehe:laugh:

I’m sure someone here could tell you where to go…if thats what you really want… ???


Yeah I’ll tell this spammer where he can go.

It’s hot and I hear they’ve got BIIIG barbeque’s …


Little Havana, Miami.

:D :D