What do you use for rythmn tracks?

All I have is an acoustic guitar. I was wondering what people use to lay down drum, bass and other rythmn instruments. Libraries? Synths? Drum Machines? Band-in-a-Box? Some VST Plug-in?

BIAB for the basic drum track composition, Cubase VST/32 next for midi editing and groove quantizing, GigaStudio 2.54 for the sounds.

Maybe a bit complicated, but works for me. Enough flexibility to get the things the way I like them.

Oh yeah. For some other percussion tracks I use hand percussion instruments and a microphone. And a bass guitar for bass lines. :p

Try collaborating with other musicians over the internet. Real musicians using real instruments will beat midi and other alternatives by a mile. Check out a place with a number of n-Trackers…


the zoom ps-04 can have you up and running with any rhythm you want at any tempo.

It sounds pretty good too. If you want a sample of what it sounds like, check out the song o’dcha on my website. While I did add a dumbek and a shaker to give the rhythm some life, the drum set is from the zoom ps-04

here the link to my site My Webpage

FruityLoops and Tom Hicks’ drums sample collection got me through my first CD.



Everything you mentioned above is being used by musicians…and a lot more…

It comes down to $$$. And preferences. You will find people using hardware and software versions of drums, bass, keys, and more. Do some research on the ones mentioned and come up with a budget.

No matter what you choose, there will be a learining curve associated with it.

I am using ancient Roland MIDI gear which you can probably get for cheap these days on auction sites. Also, I have just entered the sampling/loop world and am having some success with it.

For drums, I first use Fruity Loops to make a click track… I then record all my audio tracks and rough mix them down to a .wav file. I then import that wav file to Logic, do drums using a Roland SPD-8, slap a drum VST or drum sample on the midi I recorded, then use Logics “Demerge Split by note number” function to get each drum/cymbal on it’s own track. I then bounce each of those tracks to a .wav and import them to Ntracks. Then finish mixing the project. For bass guitar I recording direct to my mixer. Guitars I use an Audio Technica mb2000l close on the grill, and a thomann tbone retro jr at about 2 feet away from the mb200l.

I work most in N. With my idea, I first lay down a midi beat in piano roll, correct tempo etc. I use accoustic and electric guitars and will lay down, say, the strum or picked rhythm. I mess for ages at this point getting timings, build ups and downs, etc. I then use a sound font plug-in along with a drum set sound font and map out the drum beats, hits and instruments in piano roll.

I also have a cheap and cheerful midi keyboard controller and use a number of plug-ins with N to get bass (I sometimes use EQd electric 6 string for this as well), synths and piano. I have one or two sound fonts with not-so-bad- strings and brass (if played collectively).

Essentially I am trying to fill missing or flat frequency ranges

Long-winded, but I find it all worthwhile:p

i have a piano/keyboard/synth that has banks of preset beats an drum sets,that i can change up in a number of ways,i use that as my time keeper,an then depending on what an where i want, i can use that in the song or else i can lay down other percussion off of the piano/synth an then delete or fade in an ouut with the beat track,

i use a digitech efx pedal for a click trk and then lay down music tracks pretty much the same as everyone else. for drums…i just purchased a roland-boss dr 550 drum machine which i find works really well (i can’t find an owners manual anywhere-hint,hint). you can find the various drum machines on auction sites starting at about 25-30 bucks… keep in mind, i am just a novice at home recording.



You will need to enter an email address and the site will email a link to the manual, but it is free.

thanx earache…what was i thinkin’? :O