What happened to LAME encoder?

Want numbers, not just small vs quality

Just downloaded the Lame encoder foro N-track6. Tried it, but I have a few complaints.

First of all, there’s no values to choose the quality of mp3 coding anymore. There’s just a slider from small file into high quality. I want to choose a numeral value (like 128, 196 whatever) to estimate the size of the file I’m going to have. Did I download a wrong lame coder?

Secondly, in vs 4. in mixdown window there was a box to check if I wanted a mp3 file too. Then I could have both wav and mp3 at one mixing session. Now you have to choose either wav or mp3 (or something else) and if I want both I need to mix twice.

Ok, to question two the answer seems to be "it makes bot wav and mp3 if I choose the program to make mp3"

And it seems that when the scroll bar is in the middle I got a 256 kb/s mp3 file. Somaybe I have to try 'em all…

I find with my build with v6 that n spits out a wav as well as an mp3.

sorry, Varekeef. That’s not quite what I mean. When I mix down an mp3, n-T automatically gives me a wav at the same time so I only need to do it once. I’ll check my prefs and get back on it.
LAME. I’ve only had n-T sinse v6 so dunno. .