What happened to my .sng file?

Rookie needs help


Can anyone tell me why I am losing large chunks of a .sng file when I reopen it after saving?

I record it, save it and mix it to a .wav. When I go back to reopen it, more often than not, it cuts off part way through.



My suspicions

When you used mixdown, you had the “substitute tracks with the mixdown wave” box checked and when you mixed it down you only selected a portion of the song.

If this is the case make sure the box “process master channel” is checked. An the mixdown interval is set to “entire song”. You should never replace the songs individual wave files with a full mix down unless you are bouncing tracks because of technical issues.

Totally a guess on my part.

I will check that out.


That “partial mixdown” dialogue still catches me out at times.

It seems that if any of the song is highlighted, n-Track uses that as the start and end points of the mixdown. Now I routinely check it is set to “whole song” whenever I do a mixdown.