What happened to the good...

Doctor Jackrabbit?

I ain’t seen hide nor “hare” of that rascal around here in a LOOONG time…

Anybody know? I sure hope he is doing OK…


I miss Ali a great deal more, of course you remember what happened the last time we sent out a search party for him! lol

Rabbit was good for some technical issues…
but Ali, now there was a guy who could hold a long interesting but completely doolalaly conversation! tee hee ???

Good times people good times :agree:

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Yeah… I miss the great green one too.


Where’s Limey? :(

I have suspected for a long time that
Dr. J and Flavio are the same person.
Anyone seen these two together?

Nah, they’re not the same.

Flavio == Homo sapien (Italiano)
Dr. Jackrabbit == Lepus Timidus (PhD) :O


What it ever determined that the last “Limey” that hung out here was the real Limey. I never thought it was the same person and as I recall, some others shared my doubts also.


I thought it was (because he referenced some things that I’m pretty sure only he and I knew about) but his language usage did seem inconsistent with the Ol’ Limey we all knew and loved.

The fact that he disappeared again makes me question whether it really was him. God knows, it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong about something.

Anyway, I miss the Old Bugger.

Checkout Dr J’s post count (cue Twilight Zone music)

yeah, Limey was fun to have around, and brought some great wisdom. I often wondered if he was someone famous or semi-famous in disguise.

And then good old Jezar. I still read his “How to mix a pop song from scratch” occasionally. Didn’t he go off sheep farming or something? His dreampoint.co.uk site went a while ago too.


Checkout Dr J's post count (cue Twilight Zone music)

Holy smokes!

Dr Jackrabbit == Lepus Timidus Satanicus? :p



been busy reading up on dnnce music, trying out a few new ideas and reading up om copyright law etc (heavy going that copyright stuff) been playing with Vocoders and trying out EnergyXT2 as a vst in N (daw within a daw) great fun - regained my love for VirtualDJ, nothing does loops better, waiting now for the new Hercules RMX controller to be available in the UK - (have the hercules Mk1), VDJ and the RMX should be fantastic =

yours Dr J

Hi Doc,

Glad to see you still around… Dance music eh? To each his own!