What Happened toVersion 3.3.?

I Need To Download It!

I have been usuing N-track since the very first version.

I have been usuing 3.3. for awhile.

My computer was re-configured, and N-Track was removed.

No big deal, I thought…I’ll just download 3.3. again at the site.

Lo and Behold-They took it off!!!

I can only download 4.0 now, which I don’t care to buy at this time.

Does anyone know what happened?

If I can get 3.3. back again. I have my registration numbers sitting right here.

Can anyone help me with this?

Or know where else I can get 3.3?

Thanks for any help!

Read this.

You could just ask Paul or Ringo to buy you a copy. I’m sure they feel kind of sorry for you.


I’m still using 3.3 myself, and have copies of most 3.x builds. If you need an earlier build than 1516 just let me know!

I figured there would be someone Like Jason Gondola to make a reference to me being a cheapskate or a bum.

I just have no need for 4.0 at this time, Mr. Spitbowla.

Thanks so much for your help, Bubbagump.

I’m just as proud and loyal as the nextLEGAL N-Track user.

Talk about reading too much into something. I’m not calling you a “cheapskate” or a “bum” at all. I don’t think I’d do that, considering the fact that I still use 3.3 (and refer to it as the most stable multitrack software I’ve ever used) for serious work because version 4 isn’t quite up to par yet. Because your username is humorously titled TheCrappyBeatle, I was just referencing the “dude who got kicked out of the Beatles”, which may be either bassist Stuart Sutcliffe (dead) or drummer Pete Best.

I couldn’t care less about anyone’s “loyalty” to a certain program. Just last month I stated that I was considering buying MultiTrackStudio instead of upgrading to n-Track Studio 4.0.

If I intended to call you a cheapskate or a bum, I would have actually used the terms cheapskate or bum.

I have been using V4 since it was originally released as a beta version a couple of months ago. When the production version was released I bought it lock, stock and barrel. I had tried all the big buck demo programs and they all had a simular problem. I could only load in 4-5 tracks of .wav data before they started to cause unreliable playback problems. I have a relatively powerful notebook unit (P4 2.4GHz) with enough ram (512Meg). As a last resort I tried the n-track program and all my problems went away. In my opinion n-track’s has all the look and feel of the big buck programs but it actually works. I have loaded up to 12 stereo .wav files with effects and have not had a problem. To date I use n-track as a mixing tool as I record and edit all my stuff on a Zoom 1266 and then move the .wavs over to n-tracks for final polishing. I don’t record or edit track data on n-track as of yet. After all the above VD (verbal diarrhea) my question is this. What functionality does V3.3 have that I am missing by using 4.0?

Please let me know…


Sorry for jumping the gun on you, Jason…
I was in a “Crappy” mood that day I posted that.:;):

Maybe you can answer the question about version 4.0 that chrisd posed.

I’m sure I will be upgrading to it soon, as long as I seel secure that it is stable.

Is it there yet?


What functionality does V3.3 have that I am missing by using 4.0?

Hmmm…that’s usually asked the other way around.

As far as I know there’s no features V3 has that V4 doesn’t. There definitely a lot of new stuff in V4 that V3 doesn’t have. While it’s hard to list them it’s pretty evident when someone asks a question and the suggestion is to “try this” and they respond that they can’t because they are still using V3. There must be a lot more new stuff in V4 than is obvious at first glance.

That last version of V4.1 is as stable as V3.3 was for me. As was the case with V3.3 some folks have had problems with V4.1 for whatever (usually unknown) reasons.

There is now a link to old versions on the download page. Folks seem to miss it though.