What I Wanted With You

First mixdown - any listeners out there?

Hi gang,

This is mix one - Some parts are perhaps “cornball” but I’m ok with that - you haven’t lived until you’ve embarassed yourself! :)

I wanted this mix to have a full bass sound without being muddy - also didn’t want an annoying “scratchy” guitar sound.

If you listen, then thank you!


The song is titled "What I Wanted With You"


I think it sounds great through the desktop speakers. I can’t fire up the nearfields at the moment. I’ll try to give another listen when I can.

Good tune. Good mix. :agree:


I can dig it Dan! Good tune, good mix, great performance!
Vocals :agree: :agree:

Yaz :cool:

Dan your stuff is always excellent and sounds mastered to me.

Intro may be a little long but thats just personal taste.


Wow, great slapping snare, great guitar sound.
Cool use of the retro keyboard sounds too. Great vocals too. Actually, it’s great period. Wow.

Yes what do you use for that awesome guitar sound?

Hey guys,

Thank you for listening!

I may shave off part of the intro; maybe it is too long (the song was originally a little over 7 minutes!). The guitar is an ugly old green star-shaped Ibanez with Humbucker pickups that I keep borrowing from my buddy - I also borrow his Line 6 Amp and line it into my mixer directly - I struggled with having it crunchy yet not scratchy.

SpreaderCraig, the tune was mastered after being recorded & mixed in NTrack - I use T-Racks as my mastering software.

Out of curiosity, what do you all use for mastering software??

Cheers to y’all.


As before…great stuff Dan. Nice strong vox without being overpowering. Like it a lot

Nice tune Dan! I dig it! :agree:

I would make the bass “the low end” of the tune, and have the kick drum provide a higher definition and more drive. You can “fatten” the bass up by boosting EQ between 100 and 200 Hz and adding more “punch” by boosting EQ between 500 Hz and 1 kHz. Then you can adjust the kick drum EQ conversely. I add some compression, punch and bottom to the bass via Waves bass plugins or a VST plugin like Bazzpander (it’s free!).

Again, this is what I would try to do. The next person might want the kick drum to be the bottom. No one way exists! :(

Thanks Jimothy60,

I will play with some settings for the bottom end - it will help that song!

i really like this, the vocals are great n the whole feel of the song is very dirty (in a sexy kinda way if you get me meaning!)it’s make a great track for one of those buffy/angel moments :wink:
i’d love to hear the whole 7 min origional version? x