What if someone wants to use your song?

Is there a standard method?

Someone (amature with connections) contacted me and wants permission to record one of my songs. They said that they would send a standard ‘mechanics’ contract. In the mean time they want me to email them permission to record it with a different beat behind it to suit this young girl’s style. I’ve heard from them before and feel pretty comfortable with them, but what is the standard method for going about this? Thanks in advance!!
Jon Weems

Look into the creative commons license, it will permit you to legally maintain your ownership of the “intellectual property” - but permit you to license it to someone else for their use. Check the license page for an overview - This is non-commercial. If this is to be commercial (i.e. money involved) it get a lot more sticky.


There are other licenses too, Any one else have any information on this??


That’s great news Jon. I remember some of your songs; your story is really inspirational but just as important; you are solid songwriter. You posted “I Want to Shake the World” if I recall correctly. Great tune. Which song are you being asked for?? (If you don’t mind sharing)