What is that anchor symbol?

And how to get rid of it?


What is that anchor symbol that appears when I try to record to a track that has been already recorded on and how do I get rid of it? I am trying to record multiple takes on a single project file but that damn anchor thing wont let me record multiple takes after another.

The anchor symbol locks the track in place. two ways to get rid of it. right click and click on the anchor symbol or double click the track for the track properties and uncheck the lock offset & size box.

but I think your problem with takes maybe that the options for recording takes is turned off. go to your drop down menu on the tracks recording input and makes sure “create a new track with overdubbing” is checked. hopefully that will help.

Thanks but it didn’t help! The anchor still appears and bans me from recording to the same track!

Anyone else have any ideas?

Right-click on the track and de-select ‘Lock part offset and size’