What is the Definition of "Liberal"?

We need to clear up some misconceptions

The True Definitions of Liberal, Leftist, and Conservative.



Everyday in the mainstream, corporate underwritten, or so-called “Liberal” media, we hear the blaming of ALL of America’s problems on the “liberals”. For those of you who do not know, HERE are the TRUE definitions of “liberal”, “leftist”, and “conservative”. These definitions are certainly NOT what most of you currently believe!

First I will present a 150 year history of definitions of the word “Liberal” via several dictionaries at my disposal. I will use multiple dictionaries so there will be absolutely no confusion as to the “OLD” and “NEW” definitions of the word “liberal”. The dictionaries I will use are:

1) Webster’s An American Dictionary of the English Language, 1853 - 1st publication 1828

2) Webster’s International (Unabridged) Dictionary of the English Language. 1893 - 1st publication 1890

3) Hurst’s new Nuttall’s Dictionary of the English Language, 1898
4) Webster’s 9th New Collegiate Dictionary 1983-1990
5) Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition 1989
6) Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, 1996.

Next, I will break down the words “leftist” and “conservative”, going over what they mean in the political sense. Finally, I will discuss what has occurred to use of these political terms, and what it means to you.


Well, there’s one here who can say that the writer of the link you gave is taking out of his arse! LOL

The definition he gave is certainly one accepted definition, but as he praises the OED so much, perhaps he ought to refer to it a wee bit less selectively. :)

Here’s another one from the OED: Ample and abundant.

Or, member of the Liberal Party. (Which is at best a centrist party, but has often sided with the right wing Conservative Party.)

But, the point is Mike, anyone who chooses to use the word as an insult, is using it as that, an insult, nothing else.

But, whether or not you allow others to push your buttons (and let’s be honest, that ain’t difficult :) ) or you wear your “Liberal” label as a badge of honour, is up to you. :)


I wear my liberal label as a badge of honor. I consider most people who criticize liberals don’t know what they’re talking about, have mistaken what liberalism really is, or both.

Democracy & capitalism are liberal ideas. The Magna Carta & the US Constitution were liberal ideas. The whole progress of science, secularism, tolerance, etc., are liberal ideas that cause society to progress through time.

I still have hope for mankind. We didn’t blow ourselves up in a nuclear war, even though it looked like we might for a while.

But it’s an up-hill battle. I hope we solve the pollution problem before we totally destroy the environment, which I beleive we are headed towards right now.

Rock ‘n’ roll was the product of a liberal society - whohhahhh!!!

Mr Soul


Those that don’t agree with this idiot “still don’t get it” and are the "uneducated"

Not elitist at all. right?

There’s nothing to agree or disagree with here Clark. Pick up a history book, look up the definition of liberal. Read about Locke, Smith, etc., - they’re all considered liberal thinkers.

The elitist label was one created b the right to demonize/villianize certain politicians who happened to be liberal. There’s nothing any more elistist about us than our counterparts on the right. For example, Bush is a wealthy, eastern raised, “elitist” kid. He went to Yale just like all elitists & then to Harvard busniess school, another elitist decision. I really thing the elitist label is just plain stupid.

Mr Soul

Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 10 2005,10:35)
I really thing the elitist label is just plain stupid.

Mr Soul

I think labels in general when applied to people(s) are just plain stupid. :)

TG --Coated with teflon. Just TRY to stick a label on me! :D
Just TRY to stick a label on me!
You've already done it - you're the Guitarist for God right? :laugh:

Heh, one of MANY!

But you know it’s a forum “handle”. I AM a Christian guitar player. If that’s a “label”, then I suppose the teflon is a little thin in spots.


Just a name to use on a “Music Forum” eh? master charlie????

But you know it's a forum "handle".
It's more than that - it's a statement projecting who you are & what you believe in. And that's perfectly fine in my book. My forum handles, avatar & signature are personal statements about me also.

But when the “labels” are “Liberal” or “Conservative” as is supposedly defined today, I’ll choose neither. Don’t label me as either one. I think they are both equally full of crap! There has to be a happy middle-ground somewhere.


Gotcha! You do indeed seem like a moderate, reasonable sort of fellow that leans to the right.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 11 2005,11:12)
Gotcha! You do indeed seem like a moderate, reasonable sort of fellow that leans to the right.

Actually the leaning to right thing is because of a birth defect. I could'nt walk a straight line if I had to! :p :p