what is this?

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said today a string of attacks killing more than 50 Iraqis in two days were failed attempts to sow sectarian strife and destabilize the country.

Clinton, a New York Democrat, and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., were part of a five-member congressional delegation that met with U.S. officials and members of Iraq’s interim government.

Both Clinton and McCain have been strident critics of the Pentagon’s planning and management of the war in Iraq. But Clinton said Saturday that Sunni Muslim insurgents were failing in their efforts to destabilize Iraq through sectarian violence.

Sounds like they don’t wanna be seen as party poopers after the success of the elections. Typical politicians. Bash it until it’s unfashionable to bash it, then slyly jump on board. Ya think?


that’s the assumption I had…

Does that mean they are wrong?

That said, they also said, separately, that the other would make a good president. Can you see a McCain/Clinton (or Clinton/McCain) ticket brewing?

Hrmmm…which one is gonna swap sides?


No way Hillery would switch. I can see McCain switching, or both moving to a third party.

I don’t really believe they’d ever get that close politically. I prefer to think that they are just having a much public fling to get back at Bill while he’s gone…Hillary and a Republican? That might be enough to finally get him to divorce her on her terms.