What LCD monitor is best to use with a

DAW, wide screen or normal screen?

I need a new monitor for my DAW and I’m wondering whether I should buy a widescreen or a normal screen format. Will the wide screen make the apps appear strange or could it be incompatable with DAW apps? Thank you.

Widescreen is good because you can see more of the timeline.
apps should not appear strange as long as you set your resolution correctly in your display settings. ie. set it to a widescreen resolutino rather than a 4:3 resolution.

I have dual 17" CRT monitors at the moment but when I upgrade I will most likely go for a widescreen as my main monitor (which has the timeline) and then either a 4:3 or another widescreen as the 2nd for the mixer, plugins etc.

Plus it will look better when you watch DVD’s in between recording :D


I really think you would want two monitors.

I use two 4:3 monitors now. On the left monitor (the primary one), I have N-Track running maximized (timeline, piano rolls, vu meters).

On the right monitor I keep the mixer running in full-screen mode.

Having gotten used to two monitors, I just don’t see how one monitor, even a widescreen one, could cut it.

Hi Guys, on this topic:
I have recently moved on from a 19" CRT monitor… I now have a ViewSonic VA1912wb wide screen LCD screen… It’s not the latest-greatest but it is working very well for how I use it… The aspect ratio is 16 x 10… A little different than the standard 16 x 9 than the wide screen ratio, is… I have the video resolution set to 1024 x 768… However, I’ve adjusted to it’s visual behaviour… One good thing about it is… It uses a fraction of the power of the CRT tube at a fraction of the space, as well… I need two LCD screens for the studio now… To replace two 17" CRT tubes in there… When I find the money, the CRT tubes have to go…


I need to move on from my 19"CRT as well - just don’t have the money at the moment.

Bill, it should be lighter on the eyes as well…


Bill …

1027x768 is a 4:3 resolution.

The “native resolution” for your monitor is 1440x900 (according to my googling).

If you can set your video card to that resolution, it should look perfect.

Even if you can’t use that resolution for some reason, you might find something like 1280x768 more pleasing (less “scrunchy”).

Hi cmw and Wihan Stemmet:
I never knew what the native res. was on this screen… Thanks for that, info… I had to change from 800 x 600 cause the images that show a circle just weren’t a circle… The res. I’m on now is pretty close… but… not quite…

These flat-panels don’t have the eye fatigue that CRT screens do… But they still aren’t perfect. I hear the Pro Gamers don’t like either ones… but the die hards would sooner have CRT screens… It think it has something to do with visual latency… Who knows?

I’m waiting for the multi-pin transplant (in-the-neck) that connects the video-and-audio right into the brain from your puter… :O ??? :laugh:

I’ll pay 200 loonies for it… and… I wouldn’t pay any less… :p


Add 50 loonies and get a USB port as well

:D :D

Back to the question - if I had to only go for 1 LCD screen it would be wide screen as well. Sideways screen space is more important to me. (For the timeline, but you can also maybe have toolbars floating on the left and right of a ‘normal aspect ratio’ window in the middle of the widescreen space…)

My 1st choice would still be two monitors.


Hi Guys:
I’ve taken my ATI AIW 128 pro graphics card to 1152 x 864… It looks like that’s the highest res. that is available for this card/setup… Everything that I see looks pretty small… I’ll play with this res. to see how my visual experience will adapt to this…

This changeover to an LCD Monitor is pretty nice… for what I need to get from this setup… You don’t get any “Flicker”/“Eye Fatigue” from these screens like you do from a CRT monitor… Or whatever experience you get from those monitors…

Wihan… I’d have to say they are worth the sacrifice… Don’t be buying any other toys till you spring for a flat screen monitor(s)…

I’m thinking you shouldn’t be mixing-and-matching wide screen and normal aspect ratio, screens… Get Two-of-the-Same…

Can you expand on the Add 50 loonies and get a USB port as well… ?? Maybe, I missed something… OR… Do some flat Panel Monitors have a front access USB port on them?


Well, some have, but I was more getting at an upgrade to that video adapter straight into your brain …

But would the USB 2.0 port be too taxing for the Canuck brain?? :p :D

Ii KkNnOoWw:
We wouldn’t want to Brain-Fart anyone out here on the coast… How big of a hook can a USB line take… I wantta go trolling for tuna… :O ??? :laugh: