What Midi format does Ntrack use?

Does Ntrack support SMF 0, SMF 1 or SMF 2?

Is there any place to select which format is used as an option?

My keyboard supports SMF 0 saved under the .MID extension. I can open the file in Ntrack edit it and export under .MID . The file name will show up in my keyboard but gives an error that it is not SMF 0 format.

Not sure what the particular prob is, but
Do a search on ‘midifmt.zip’ which contains several
.exe’s to change one format to another.

downloaded and ran the midifmt.exe, which shows that Ntrack uses SMF 1 or Mid 1 format for Mid files.

The problem is my Casio only supports SMF 0.
So even though I can import the midi file from my Casio into Ntrack and manipulate/save it. The new saved version can be loaded inot the Casio, but the Casio cannot read it.

So the solution would be if Ntrack has an option allowing the change from either SMF 0, SMF 1, or SMF 2, for midi files, to use as needed.

Does Ntrack have that option to change the .Mid format version ?

The option to change midi format should be basic function. If Ntrack has it, I can’t find it.

But found some DOS and Windows utilities here, in the meantime.


ok, so is this what they call Dejavue?

I was just searching the Ntrack forums for a problem, well apparently the same problem I had 8 years ago, and came upon my own post from 8 years ago (Described above). I see that nobody had an answer back then, when I was apparently on version 3 or something.

Now I have version 7 and still have the same problem.
However, I did find the export midi option to “Save as Mid 0”, but still 8 years later, my same Casio keyboard gives an error “err wrong dat”.
Does anybody have any ideas?

I should also mention that now, 8 years later, I again stumbled upon the GNmidi program. When I use it and 'Repair" the midi file it converts to Mid 0 and my Casio WK-3200 will play it perfectly. But if I don’t run the repair process, it can’t be read.
So the answer might be in what ever the GNmidi program has to “Repair”.