What music is popular where you're at?

So, to repeat the question, what type of live music is most popular where you’re at?

No real reason why I’m asking, just curiosity.

So, I’ll start.

Area: South West.

(1) First and foremost, Country Rock. If you can cover Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles, Garth Brookes, etc., you’ll never be without a gig.

You just have to remember the golden rule; start the gig with Rock, then at the end of the evening when the cowboys are feeling romantic and they slide out onto the dance floor with the silicon sisters, then slow it down; and never forget Stand by Your Man! :D

(2) Salsa, and other Latin variants. Mostly in Mexican bars and clubs, but a lot is played in multi ethnic venues too.

(3) Irish. Lots of Irish bars around, so if the front man can harangue the audience with an Irish accent, then you’re made.

And that’s about it. :(

Folk, Jazz, Blues etc., etc., etc., form a very minority group and you’ll be lucky to get a gig a month. We really are hickorish down here.

If you go into one place and the women ain’t no-good … you just go down the street and walk by the bouncers… Hang the music… :laugh: :D

Don’t drive… you’ll loose your license… ???


Flint: classic rock, country, a bit of heavy metal, and, always, Grand Funk Railroad. :)

We do have a very fine professional orchestra, too.

We need an Irish bar.

Helsinki: Songs sung in Finnish. Depressing songs: one of the big sellers before Christmas was an album of the most gloomy songs of the history of Finnish popular music. :cool:

Quote (Gizmo @ Jan. 05 2007,00:19)
Area: South West.

Nah, south west is pure Rock, Rock and rock…

(oh?, which country are you referring to?) :) :) :)

I didn’t think the US owned the whole world just yet. :)

(feeling political)

It’s Chicago. You can hear just about anything you’d like and often have a choice of venues for that anything. Though Joe Segal’s Jazz Showcase (a historic and significant club) just closed it’s doors due to rising rents and a desire by the landlord to redevelop the place as something other than a jazz club.

The blues scene in town isn’t what it used to be…more for tourists now than locals. Some of the best clubs from my youth are long gone. The indie rock scene is always vibrant, as is experimental improve based music. You want covers of all the crap you were tired of when you were 19? Gotta go to the suburbs for that. Few of the real clubs in town will hire a “cover” band. Real country can be found at the Old Town School of Folk Music, and Hideout. The “pop with a twang” garbage that comes from Nashville these days is illegal within Chicago city limits I think…

Central KY - you’d be surprised how little trad bluegrass happens in bars etc. That mostly seems confined to hootenannies in the hollers afaics. But there certainly is a lot of acoustic-based music to be seen, all kinds: there is a diverse musical culture in the area. The bluegrass influence can be heard in many other formats here.

In bars, there is a lot of blues going on in Lexington and Louisville. Like any large city, there is the usual original rock/metal/funk/pop/rap variations to be found among the youth. Frankfort, my hometown, has a bit of everything, and a community that embraces it all.

Oh, and yeah, I hear there’s a big community of southern-rock and nashville-country appreciators around. I think they go to the bars that I don’t go to !!


Nah, south west is pure Rock, Rock and rock…

(oh?, which country are you referring to?)

I didn’t think the US owned the whole world just yet.

(feeling political)

Rose: So if you’re an alien, how come you’ve got a Northern accent?

Doctor Who: Every planet’s got a north luv!


Outside of Philadelphia,

At the bars = Classic rock to danceable classic rock
At the clubs = Jazz / alternative / blues / songwriters
At the dance clubs = Hip hop, Latin, Classic rock
At private affairs = Danceable classic rock to light jazz
Coffee houses = Solo and duo acts
Festivals = Folk music, Blues, and some bluegrass
Large Venues and music centers = Everything you can imagine



We need an Irish bar.

What no Irish bar - I’ll never come to Flint!!! :laugh:

In Oklahoma it’s all about the country for the high paying gigs. There is quite a thriving rock/metal scene of musicians but little market to listen to it although secondary to country, southern rock and a new emerging “Red Dirt” style is a big thing that get bands booked alot. If you play Hendrix, SRV, Steve Miller, Gart Brooks, Skynrd, Cross Canadian Ragweed, any aged classic rock or country standard songs then the gig is your’s for the taking.

This “Red Dirt” style ??? What kind of flavor can you link it to?

Over here you get Fined if you smoke in the bars, now… You have to go out on the street to smoke… Then you get beat up/robbed by the “Street Thugs”… Smoking within 125 ft. from a bar entrance is a criminal offence… Yet, alone if you get caught under the influence…

Music ain’t banned, yet… at least, I don’t think it is…