What new feature(s) would you need most urgently?

time to speak up!

I just thought I’d ask this since I’m sure that many of the ppl here have great ideas about how to improve N-Track, it might be good to ask since feedback can be invaluable for the developement. So please, post only about stuff you need, discuss them in some other threads.

Here’s the current wishlist
with recent additions in italic.

# MIDI-related

- MIDI notes sticking issues fix
- synth layering
- keeping track of MIDI controller changes
- having controller states up to date with every click to timeline
- the ability to zoom in on the piano roll and an audio track in synch so that MIDI events can be aligned with the audio
- the ability to send MIDI to effect plugins
- support for midifx plugins (i.e. plugins for midi tracks)
- printable and editable notation view for midi tracks

- display the sharp/flat horizontal stripes with light gray color
to distinguish them from the natural notes (for easier editing).
- hotkey to select everything
- The notes that are currently selected should stand out more on the display
- ability to undock the piano roll view
- hotkey to move notes without snapping to grid
/hotkey to toggle grid on/off
- hotkey to change grid resolution


- better track grouping for moving and editing multiple tracks as one
- the ability to view the waveforms in normal mode, db, rms, and as a spectrum (like in many audio editors such as audacity)
- audio scrub to make wave editing easier
- ability to change pitch of the whole mix
- Sub-tracks to show the overlapping waveforms of a single track side by side
- hotkey for slicing at start of selection
- hotkey for inserting midi/audio track


- better folder management (VSTi/VST-effect folders, other?)
- song templates for saving a template that would start a song with preferred master channel effects and groups assigned
- play/record/stop/</ on the mixer box
- a bus system that will support side-chaining effects


- Ability to move midi tracks around
- hotkey to toggle midi echo on/off
- flexible freezing (ability to freeze portion of midi and audio track(s) )

FLEXIBLE FREEZING (Ability to freeze portion of midi tracks)

Ability to move midi tracks around!

More intuitive midi editting.

Folder management.

MIDI notes sticking issues fix

Synth layering.

Plugin Delay Compensation (for those SIR users out there in particular heh)

As for the audio…I dont know…I havent had problems with the audio engine…EVER.
It’s so lean and clean and it sounds nice. I swear…when I work on guitar and vocals utilizing the audio engine…it works so well for me…

Possibly a better looking mixer console wouldnt hurt but it’s not too important…I rather the program not compromise the CPU efficiency with overdone glossy UIs

@aspiringWanderer: ntrack has plugin latency correction!:
under file->settings->prefernces->options

- edit groups(audio)
- track freezing/unfreezing
- omf support
- sidechaining
as the most important


I dont see it
I went to File->Preferences->Options

but no mention of PDC

just hit ctrl+p than you get window titled"settings", than you click on options and the there is on the right side und multithread directx…
compensate plugin latency

This must be in v4 because I dont see that in v3

Its in ver3.3. Its on that page described above. Its right below “multithread DirectX plugins”. There is a check box right beside it.

Id love to see all of Jotb’s list implimented. Especialy editiing grouped audio and OMF support. What I would also like to see is more keyboard shortcuts. These are a great time saver.

Ahh…I use v3 Oh well…it hasnt hindered my work thus far…I still havent updated

Audio scrub

I think freezing would be one of the biggest factors for a lot of people. if you’re running a less than stellar computer, it could be a real life saver.

it’d be really easy to implement.

all flavio has to do is make a button that when pressed,
clones the track
mixes down the track
mutes the first track and doesn’t read the data even if the “read data from muted tracks” is armed
hides the first track

frozen track. to unfreeze, you just go backwards.

@bill brasky: oh i forgot, of course more shortcuts!

IMHO, ntracks need a good MIDI engine. It have the base, but is not nice work in the midi edtion in n. No staff, not controllers drawing, no midi plugins, noooo… :D


Yup Yup
I was thinking about FL Studio or Project5

I’ll toss in a vote for better MIDI editing and SCRUB please! n-Track is so awesome as is, it’s tough to complain…but there’s always room for improvement I suppose!


Quote (gtr4him @ Nov. 09 2004,11:15)
I'll toss in a vote for better MIDI editing and SCRUB please! n-Track is so awesome as is, it's tough to complain...but there's always room for improvement I suppose!


I have heard several times about that ntrack is stable as is, dont touch it. Im not sure that improve the midi tools will made it more unstable. Basicly, you can do a best job with midi with cakewalk 3.0 (10 years ago or more) than with ntrack. I doubt that add a windows where draw controllers or a staff view will bug very much. After you add this, is not much you can add to the midi thing. See cakewalk, talking about midi, you can do pretty much the same with cakealk 3.0 than with Sonar 4. Is there not very much to improve, after ntrack add this basic midi editing features, it will not need no more.

What’s “edit groups”?

n-Track has MIDI controller drawing. It’s in the box below the piano roll. Two options for drawing; freehand vs. point-to-point drawing.

I’d like to see n-Track keep track of MIDI controller changes, and if I click anywhere on the timeline, have it set all modified controllers to their states at that point.

Not having this is a real hassle when using NI B4 with lots of control changes like expression pedal, drawbar, Leslie, and percussion. What’s worse is I like to save a lot, and every time I do, N sends some sysex to NIB4, which interprets it as “revert to default settings”. ARRRGHH!!! So if I’m working on a section near the end of a song, every time I hit “save”, I have to rewind and play the entire song. And as we all know, it’s necessary to save frequently when using n-Track MIDI.

not controllers drawing

Hi Marce, Surely in the bit below the piano roll there is a place to draw controllers? You can set controllers on the drop down and all the controller numbers (and some names) are there?

n-Track has MIDI controller drawing
xcuse my error guys, im still with n 2.3. Thats a good point.
My point about midi (following the comparison with cakewalk) is that once Flavio have the basic midi tools finished (diffrent views, staff basic view, some search filters, mfx midi plugins, etc) he will not to worry too much about improve it all the time. In the example that i give of cakewalk, the guys made the effort once, with the cake3.0, and today, a lot of years ago, the software, in the midi area, is close to identical, with some little improvements.

What are mfx midi plugins?
And I’m still waiting to hear what “edit groups” mean.