What next?

I need a new a/d converter for my mind!

I don’t believe it! I’ve had to make a cappo for a Ukulele out of a 3inch pencil and a rubber band because I can’t get my phat fingers round the chords:-)

:laugh: Did it work? You could always switch to a upright bass ;)

Been there - done that. :agree:

What, Pop? The bass or make shift cappo? :laugh:

I’ll tell you what, Pop! I’m havin’ a right laugh with your drums. Ta! They coool.

i busted my ring finger about 3 years ago, and it’s thinner than the rest of my fingers still. maybe you could do that. ten times over.
(in colder weather, it also goes white and numb even when the other fingers are still normal. it’s weird.)

The capo :laugh: Pencil also works for a quick raised nut for acoustic slide parts - detune - insert pencil - tune to open chord grab a small bottle (Iodine always was around) - fun stuff.

‘that’ finger needs re-wiring, dude.

“let the good times roll”
Music. Wood.Plastic. Silicon.

It’s all goood :agree:

just listened to the drums I did for you - man those are sweet when the brushes hit - real dynamic!

Statement: I’m a drummer.

Translation: I’m a master at alternate non-standard guitar tunings because I can’t play chords worth doodly.


Heh-heh-heh… How does that work? I’m a guitar player and can make chords that would make the most severe contortionist sweat… yet I can’t take a couple of sticks and bang on a couple plastic headed barrels worth a crap… :laugh:

Weez weeeerd peeeeples man…