What Plug-In Does this?

Anyone know?

Isn’t there some type of plug-in that makes a track sound doubled? Like put it on vocals… and it sounds like a doubled vocal? stereo spread… is that what it is called?

Use a chorus plugin or a short delay panned off center from the original track. N-Track has both.

Initially I didn’t know that a plug-in existed which could do that, so I developed a ‘barebone’ solution to achieve that effect. This works excellent on vocals. Here goes…

1) clone the track you want doubled.

2) offset one of the tracks between 15 and 50 milliseconds.

3) pan the tracks hard left and right.

4) reverse the phase on one of the tracks, and give the tracks slightly different EQ settings.

5) check for mono compatibility by using the mono switch on the master channel - change the EQ to avoid ‘gaps’ in the audio spectrum.

I tried this on a harmony vocal on our latest production - in the particular context it sounded like a million dollar production, even when applied to the slightly mediocre performance from our - still inexperienced - singer.

Try it sometime…

regards, Nils

Quote (Nils K @ Feb. 10 2005,16:10)
4) reverse the phase on one of the tracks, and give the tracks slightly different EQ settings.

reverse the phase? how do u do that?

Any delay plug can be set for a single echo, and a delay time of around 50ms or so… Instant psuedo-doubling, almost John Lennon-ish.

I’m finding that used in moderation, this particular technique can hide some problems.

Oh… And if you’re gonna clone the track and flip one out of phase, check your mix in mono to make sure your vox don’t disappear!

“Who listens in mono?” you ask? Hmm… Most jukeboxes are wired for mono, sound systems in bars, restaurants, clubs, etc… are all mono… clock-radios are usually mono… AM radio… It does matter!


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how do i flip something out of phase?

Open the channel EQ. There are two buttons in there to flip the phase of the left or right separately, but they are ganged together when the track it mono. They are green buttons that look like a little bits of waveform, tooltipped with “Right channel phase shift” or “Left channel phase shift”. These are in both V3.3 and V4.

Good day everyone. Like many of you I’m fighting with my vocal. I have discovered interesting way to make my voice professional behind delay, chorus and cloning
track with shifts of the eq. After all that I engaged I put my voice trough reverb !!! metal tank !!! That solved all voice and backvocal problens.

I have discovered interesting way to make my voice professional

Good you enjoy adding this effects to your voice. But believe me, what make your voice "professional" is sing in tune and with expression. Reverb only helps.

The real solution is to get a reel to reel deck and do the ADT thing they did on Lennon’s voice. Not exactly a plug in, but…

Actually, there must be a plug in out there that mimics the subtle effects of tape doubling with variations on tape speed. Is there? I have steinberg’s version of the space echo, but that’s not quite it. ???

personally, i prefer actually recording a doubled track… as in, singing it twice. i’ve done this quite a bit, and if mixed right can sound pretty good. if find the trick is to try to sing it exactly the same both times (so the phrasing matches), but those little differences between the two takes are what make it sound cool. when you do it this way, there is also less to worry about in terms of phase issues.

That’s a classic tool, dimmer, but it takes a better singer than me to sing it the same way twice! :wink:

And John Barton is correct, all you need is a delay plugin. If you “expand mono track to stereo”, then you can also set one side for no delay, and the other side for no dry and all delay, getting the hard-panning effect. (You also need to make sure “Lock L&R” button is NOT down.) The advantage to this is you don’t have to duplicate any other plugins for the track or use a group.

The advantage to cloning the track is that you don’t have to hard-pan if you don’t want to, and you can adust the delay more accurately than most plugins let you. For example, n-Track delay is set in milliseconds (IIRC) and you might want 2.5 msec delay or something.

You don’t necessarily have (or want) to invert the delayed track. Whether you do that or not really depends on the sound you want, the fundamentals in your voice, and the amount of delay you use.

Wether you’re inverting or not, ALWAYS check a mix in mono when you use a trick like this. This is one of those techniques that can sound great in headphones or near-field monitoring, but when you put it in a typical living room, such as speaker location is based on decorating ideas rather than audio principles, mixes using tricks like this can sound terrible. If it sounds good in stereo or mono, your mix won’t sound any worse than any other mixes in these sub-optimal listening arrangements. (Stereo also mixes to mono when you just go far enough away from the speakers, or go through a door. I wouldn’t want my mixes sounding terrible in these circumstances.)

I find that stereo reverb works better than double-tracking, for my voice. Gives it a rich natural stereo image, rather than the artificial sound of double-tracking (though that may be exactly what YOU want). A good example is “expand mono track to stereo” and then use n-Track Reverb on “Ambience 2” setting, and adjust to taste. Just be sure that left & right are NOT locked in the plugin when you adjust.