What R Y'all working on this weekend?



yup. my short game and putting. :)

Playing with V5 Beta

I’m taking in the long weekend… and “chin-wagg’in” on this Board…

I’ll be back at the “grind” on Tuesday… Where did the summer go?


Didn’t do much music ('cept the Sunday night church service).

That was interesting as we put a couple of 60x60 (cm) rigid fibreglass panels around the drum kit (1st step of 3 to get the drum volume lower). We didn’t think it would make a difference as the panels only ‘covers’ the kick. It was amazing what difference it caused. The stage volume was still very high (it looked like the drummer unconsiously tried to ‘compensate’ for the dampning that would happen and really thumped it, and we had ‘line of site’ to all the noisy bits).

The sound guy actually said that he (for the 1st time ever) had to use the mic’s thats setup on the kit to lift the kit’s sound into the mix.
It is amazing to think that it makes such a difference by just absorbing some of the energy. He btw also said that the bass amp (wich the bassist turned up to compensate for the drummer’s banging) also wasn’t a problem anymore. We are thinking that some of the amp’s output (right next to the kit and the panels) was being absorbed by the panels.
Usually (at a waaaaay lower level) the sound guy would start to complain about the amp being too loud and him not having control over the sound from the desk - last night he had to push it up to get everyone to hear the bass)

It is sometimes so easy to forget that a little knowledge and effort can really make a difference.

The next step is to make a couple of traps (full size) to put in the corner behind the drumkit (the edge of the band area). We are hoping that that will make an ever bigger impact.
If it is needed then we’ll put step 3 into place - plexiglass screen around the kit …

Apart from that I’ve dusted the FJ1200 after the winter (southern hemisphere :;): ) and went for rides om Saturday and Sunday - what a pleasure !


Btw - what did you do Tom ?

Recorded a song by my 8 year old son. “Blahooga the Monster.” :D Also played with my new Mandolin (a beauty DrG!) and went to the local Renaissance Festival to eat large turkey drumsticks and drink Guiness and watch the jousting show. :D


Quality father/son time, playing a good instrument, good food and drink and a little jousting ?

Sounds like the perfect weekend !


Finished the final mixing & artwork of my almost released CD! Stand by.

Quote (Wihan Stemmet @ Sep. 04 2006,17:53)
Quality father/son time, playing a good instrument, good food and drink and a little jousting ?

Sounds like the perfect weekend !


Great weekend. Now...back to school for everyone. :(


And what a week it is turning out to be.

You ever get those where you have so many meetings reminding of how much you have to do that you actually don’t have time to do any of it ?


It’s the weekend? ???

Sigh, another lost-forever bunch of days! :D