What recourse do I have if my hdd

crashed and took out my Ntrack. I’ve searched all through my paperwork and cannot find where I wrote down the “key code” to activate the trial version.

I do have the same credit card I used when I bought it and same email address. Will that be enough or will I have to purchase it again.

I’ve had Ntrack for approx 1-2 years now. It might be possible to contact the cc company and find when exactly I purchased it.

Thanks for any help/suggestions here.

mail Flavio.

yes, just mail Flavio…just tell him what happened. He doesn’t have to do anything…but your situation happened to many of us…boneheads that we are.

By the way, if he ever closes up shop…I’ll be bumbed, not doubt about it. Will I be angry or upset with him? Not at all. The couple of years experience I have had with his software and the help and advice I have received from this board will provide me with tons of great memories…I’ll wish him well!

Viva Django!!!

Do you know how to look in your registry using RegEdit?

The registration codes are under \My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software

For my nTrack 3.3, it’s a key called “7676-0000-6238”. You’ll see the codes there.

Mr Soul

And when you get it:


Put your installers and a text document with the serial numbers on a CD-R.

Blank CDs are a dime each… there’s no excuse for losing your software or data.

(By the way, I used to work for a hard drive manufacturer. My engineer buddies used to say “It’s not IF your drive will fail but WHEN it will fail!”)