what sort of plug ????

what sort of plug do you use for mastering a song…

Compressor, stereo image,EQ…????

Multi-band compressor, limiter, EQ maybe a touch of verb. Not necessarily in that order.


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What do you use as a multi-band compressor? And is it free? I’m assuming FASoft’s compressor is single band.

The same goes for the limiter. Is it just an EQ limiter?


The newest versions include a 3 band compressor that works very well. Start with the presets, and listen to the changes they make in the sound of your song. A multi-band lets you compress part of the musical spectrum, like the low end to make the kicks, toms, and bass snap or thump, while leaving the high end uncompressed, so it sizzles naturally. Or the opposite!

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The multi band that comes with 4.0 is a little fiddly, to me. The display works oddly. But once you figure that out, it is very cool.

But check out PSP Vintage Warmer - a two band compressor with saturation.

Then there is the free Classic mastering limiter from Kjerhaus (did I spell that correctly?) which along with their EQ (which has saturation too) is a potent tool. Works a lot like the older waves L1.


Well, there are about 100 different things you can use. The most typical are a multiband compressor, a standard compressor, an EQ, and a limiter. But you find all the time folks using exciters, stereo image processors, spectral analyzer, phase tools, tape, tube emulators, sub harmonic generators, BBE, M/S processors, and a zillion other tools. Mastering is not limited to any one set of tools. There are a lot of ways to approach mastering depending on what the material at hand calls for and a lot of what we call mastering today consists of “sweetening” which si where all these oter tools come into play.

95% of the “mastering” (really sweetening) I do is with a 30-band EQ and a loudness maximizer (brickwall compressor). I really like the Steinberg Mastering Edition plugins; they sound great and are dead easy to use. On the rare occasion that I want a little extra sparkle, I use Ozone – although I use it sparingly, because it has a tendency to sound pretty harsh (I do like its multiband compressor, though).

I use Ozone from Izotope for mastering and I really like it. They have a great document on their web site about mastering that will teach you a lot about the process.

I like endorphin:


Adds warmth and compression

Sorry, I forgot to add, it’s free

I use Ozone from time to time, too, but I really like KjaerhusAudio’s Classic Mastering Limiter (free!) better - fewer controls (1 - that is, one control), a good overall sound quality and it does a great job. It’s even so easy to use that, from time to time, I put it on a rough remix for burning to CD without having to worry about clipping etc. However, this shouldn’t keep anyone from exercising the good habit of getting the mix absolutely, definitively right before adding the plug-in to the master channel.

Webpage: Kjaerhusaudio

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"Then there is the free Classic mastering limiter from Kjerhaus (did I spell that correctly?) which along with their EQ (which has saturation too) is a potent tool"

Tom, these ARE great free software…I recommend for anyone to download them and give em a apin!

Yep I’ll 2nd (or 3rd) the use of the Kjaerhus plugs.
I use the compressor on vocals and guitar all the time and also the mastering limiter for mastering.
All the fx are top notch and probably sound better and are easier to use than a lot of commercial plugs.