What synth produce Mallet/Vibes?


Does anyone know any vsti synth that produces vibe/xylophone or any mallet sounds?

Or at least what kind of synth Im supposed to be looking for?


Look for dmiHammer over at kvraudio


I’ve been looking for some sampled soft-mallet vibes myself for use with a sampler VSTi (I use Kompakt but it will read soundfonts, Giga, exs and Kompakt). All I can find so far are the more metallic-sounding hard mallet, while I want a smoother soft-mallet “Lionel Hampton” sound, so if anyone knows of a source I’d appreciate it too…

Here’s what else I found (Thanks DSP, I’ll look into dmiHammer too):

Hammersound.net has a couple of free soundfonts that’ll play with any soundfont VSTi like “sfz”.

Artvista.net has a $100 set of sampled vibes and marimba (very nice, I may go with these but they’re not exactly what I want…)

TrueStrike at http://www.projectsam.com/info_samtruestrike.html

Otherwise you might have to go with something like Garritan Personal Orchestra that has vibes in their selection.



I found this and tried it and its preset sound was what i was looking for.

Im not sure how flexible in terms of tweaking is concerned but here you go:

Let me know how it works out for you.

Again, thanks guys.


I use an Aleisis Nano-Piano with a MIDI keyboard to get this sound & many others.

Mr Soul

Vibraphone is a MIDI Standard patch that should be available via your soundcard or Ntrack. The standard allows you to vary the depth, length, and delay. With a little bit of verb, it can sound great. Mraimba and xylophone are also part of the standard.

Most of the GM standard sounds stink. Maybe I’d go so far as to say they all stink, in comparison to what you can get on a half-decent synth or softsynth or good soundfont. GM standards were designed for tiny memories and just don’t have enough samples to do justice to any complex sounds.

Not that you can’t use them well and make them work – that’s another matter entirely.